Most of the bloggers start their first blog with technology, gadget related topics. They post a few articles. Apply for Google Adsense and get approved. After that- no traffic to their blog. And as a result of it, they quit blogging. I have seen many newbie bloggers, who followed this way and they don't have the interest anymore on blogging. Adsense, it's quite frustrating when you are giving so much effort on your blog, you are writing some articles spending your valuable article and ended up with nothing.
Why Keyword Research Is So Important 1

Why Keyword Research Is So Important 2
For the same reason, my first blog made $0. Later, I tried to find out- what is the fault? Why my blog is unable to get traffic? Then I realized- I made some blogs based on some keywords which had medium or high competitions. So it's quite tough to rank for those keywords with a completely new blog with no authority. That's why those blogs could not rank, as a result of it, there was no traffic. And no traffic means no money, whatever you have an Adsense account or not. Getting an Adsense account is easier, but to make some bucks from it is a little bit harder. 
If you think about blogging from the root, choosing perfect keyword is very important. That's the base of a blog. If you can't understand about the competition of a keyword, there are few options on your hand. First, I will mention about google keyword planner. Probably this is the first keyword research tool. As you are looking for organic traffic, so Google can give you exact data about the keyword- search per month, competition, cost per click etc. here I have used two search term- "coffee making machine" and "how to make a blog". and you can see here- competition is high for both. It's just an example to understand you- blogging tips related keyword has high competition, very hard to rank for those.

Here I write this kind of article not for ranking, just for some of my blog readers. And to express my thoughts. There are a lot of paid tools also, like- ahrefs, Semrush, kwfinder etc. I have used kwfinder, and it is easy to use. Comparatively cheap and worthy. I remember, I made a blog on psychology and hired an article writer. Here is one thing- Google is very sensitive about the health niche, cause it's something, very serious topic. If some people write some articles just to make some money and provide some information, which is not completely true, or they don't have enough knowledge to write that. So it will be hard to rank. And psychology is a much sensitive issue among health niche. Even if you search for weight loss, fairer skin, you will find a lot of competition on those keywords. 

Here is another tip for newbies. Go for long tail keywords. It will be easier to rank. Like if you try to rank for the keyword-"hotels in Mumbai", it has huge competition. If you try for- "hotels in Bandra", there is less competition for that. And if you go for- "3-star hotels in Bandra". It's much easier to rank. The much you will go narrower for your keyword, the competition will be lesser. Traffic will be few, but it will be targeted traffic. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.