I was reading a book- a lot of quotes of Bill Gates. And the book's name is interesting — Impatient Optimist. Ironically, my last post was about patience, where I explained- why we bloggers should need patience as it's not an overnight process. I think in the early day when Bill Gates were working to make the operating system "Windows", he did not make money instantly. He had to finish his primary job. Then sell it, and make money from it. As the easily I explained, it's not that easy. Same for all the bloggers. After a long time, I went to the blog of Matthew Woodword (claimed as an award-winning blog). One thing is very special in his blog- income report of every month since 2012. And his income has growing months after months, and it's a gigantic figure. He makes more than a million dollars from various source. You will be able to see here
blog of Matthew Woodword

Sometimes I regret for wasting time, sometimes not. I think all those mistakes help me to go in the right way. Actually, I was completely alone in the forest of the internet. And don't know how to start and how to make my way. I started my journey in 2010, and it's 2019. So after nine years, all I can say that I have learnt a few of blogging. Yeah, really it is. Not more not less. And I always check my blog's stat and position on Google. Even I have found that Google gives priority to my blog, somehow, I don't know the reason. I'm not an excellent blogger. Still...

If you check Matthew's blog and the income report, I bet it will lead you to get motivated by him. I don't know how old is your blog. There are a lot of free tools, and you can check that. If 2012 were the starting, then it would be seven years old. A seven years old domain with domain authority- 57, page authority- 55, citation flow- 48 and trust flow 27. I don't know why a blog with some many informational data and resource, how the trust authority can be 27. Even my trust authority was 25 even two days ago. And today when I checked, it's 22. So pathetic for me! Once my friend iftekhar or someone told in our blogging community that- forget domain authority and all of the metrics, just keep working on your blog. You will get the result. Yeah, it's true. I have posted a lot of pictures captured by my Google Pixel 2, Sony A6000 and now Sony A7iii. If you search "Sourajit Saha", you will get a lot of my pictures. I never want to be famous on Facebook. I want to be famous on google. And that's the way I'm walking on. 

Even, I was thinking- if I can hire some good content writer? Local? Like Debopriya? It will be great. Different people will write for my blog. It's not for money. But it's for, like open to all, for good writers. There are a lot of girls who work as a content writer, and at the end of the month, they earn a handsome amount of money. I feel glad about that. Blogging should be popular in our town within the next five years. Blogging is never considered here as the mainstream income source. Most of the people have no idea what a blog is, how to make money from it. I don't know what exactly they think, but we are underrated in Kalyani unless we can buy a common Mercedez.  Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.