Even a month ago, I wanted to beat scholar.google.com, Researchgate, and LinkedIn on Google search result for the keyword "sourajit saha". So according to Google, I'm the most popular Sourajit Saha right now. Beating Google scholar was not so easy, even Researchgate and linked in both have high domain authority. But working on every single day for my blog makes it possible. So for the keyword "sourajit saha", my blog holds the second position in SERP with four site links below. It's pretty good. I never think google will give me such kind of site links. It's something- a blessing! Thank you google. And Bing is the copycat.(opps, I just checked Bing, they do a fantastic job).
Motivation Makes Me Optimist
Sourajit Saha On Bing
They are also now providing me with the same site links like Google does. Now it's time to improve image search result. First 4 or 5 photos of "sourajit saha" are mine. And then LinkedIn, Researchgate, Yourquotes. So my task is to take my blog is really a much higher authority, so that I can beat them all even in google image search result also. I love the way Google shows the photo of "Shreyashi Debnath", and all photos have been crawled from her blog, Facebook, Wordpress site, Instagram etc. it's really good to see. The more uncommon the name will be, it will be much easier to rank on google. Like Rick- he will never get ranked on Google or neither I could help him to rank on Google, the reason is simple- the name is vastly popular. Not popular exactly, but very common name. Even I never imagine that I have any competitor of the same name, and they are from high authority blogs, and mine is only from my own blog. A single person's blog has been able to outrank high authority blogs.
This blog is almost two years old, and I'm working and posting an article every single day. So if the way I'm doing right and, and if I can continue it, it will be an outstanding blog after two years. Trust me. A blog with 600+ pages with valuable information is very much valuable to Google. Within some more days, I will touch the milestone of 300 posts. and I wrote a post, what I have learnt after writing 100 posts. And now if I write about what I have learnt after writing 300 posts. There will be a noticeable difference between the two articles. And writing every day gives me another charm- yeah I have done something creative today. And I never feel any pressure that I have to write at least an article every day. I really enjoy my writing. My father and mother never read my blog, and it's not intentionally, but they know that I have a blog and I work for it daily. 

I love to hear the motivational speech. I love to hear Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai, Shah Rukh Khan and many more. But none of them is a blogger. I will be glad if I find a motivational video on blogging. I want to hear some motivational speeches by some eminent blogger like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse or Brian Dean or Harsh Agrawal. Motivational speech of the above persons has been changed my life. Once I feel writer's blockage, and I couldn't write anything that time. After watching ted show, and the speaker was Shah Rukh Khan, I felt I have a lot of things to say, to write down. Bill gates' one line has been driving me crazy. He told that he never took break/vacation in his 20's, not even for a  single day. That helps me to do work every day. These words drive me like crazy. And nowadays I work every day for my blog. 
Jack Ma's speech- between 20 to 30 age, it's time to make mistakes and learn from it, again mistake and learn from it. So yeah, literally in between "18-25" years age, I have experimented a lot, and I made mistakes. It's not that now I have learned everything, there are a lot of things to learn about blogging. But I have improved a little bit. And that's very important to me. And I can realize, how much improvement I can do during the phrase. Sundar Pichai inspired me a lot- yeah, an Indian be CEO of a tech giant company like Google. And jobs and I have a similarity- we both leave our college after six months! Jokes apart, I never ever compare myself with him. He is purely a genius, a magician. There is a common point between Darren Rowse and me. We both love blogging and photography. Darren has two different blogs- one is about blogging (https://problogger.com), and another one is about photography (https://digital-photography-school.com). He is a mastermind. And brain and Neil, I couldn't write a blog post of 3000-4000 words with details explanation like them. Neil shows- a blogger also can lead a king-size lifestyle. 

I'm just 26 years old, and I have a lot of time, to show my talent, to prove myself good. I'll be 27 soon, and this blog will complete two years soon. And there are plenty of times to work on. I think if I can continue this to my 30 years age, it will be more than awesome! So in this way, I'm pretty optimistic. And I feel I can do a lot of great jobs with this blog. I'm just waiting to rank this blog for some keywords. I don't know how much it will take, but I definitely have to wait. I have no other option. (you can read this article as a reference). Though I have mentioned that I'm very impatience. I love the instant result. But unfortunately blogging is not all about instant work. Crawling, indexing and ranking is a time-consuming matter, and only you can roughly predict how much it will take time based on the competition of the keyword and blog authority. Be patience hope for the best. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.