My life starts every day near around 10 a.m. as I have a sleeping disorder, sometimes it has been changed. When I wake up from my bed, I feel like, now I have to do something creative. Creative things can help me to stay away from depression. Besides, it gives a lot of pleasure. After waking up, I wear my tee (as I sleep in the bare body) and jacket (as it's winter now). Then start my PC. Sometimes I feel alone in this room, then I call my mom to sit on the sofa so that we can gossip. Unfortunately, mom does not get enough time to spend with me as she has a lot of works to do, every single day. So, basically, I am alone in my room, with my gadgets. People think I'm very lucky, but I'm not. Working alone has some basic positive things like you don't have to depend on others. You can decide your schedule- you can write, you can read, or you can play video games whatever. 
My Everyday Routine - Sourajit Saha

After turning on my PC. I check the ranking of few keywords on a Google search, one of them is "sourajit saha", and currently my blog holds the second place for that keyword. I check Google image also for that keyword. I'm not doing well in google image search, though I have uploaded a lot of photos on my blog. Still, some other "sourajit saha" have been ranked from LinkedIn, Researchgate or Yourquotes. So I have to outrank them anyway. Maybe if I get enough authority, I could outrank their photos from google image search. Today I checked Bing for the keyword "sourajit saha", and the result is pretty impressive. You can check once. I write my every draft on Grammarly; it helps me a lot to rectify my errors. Grammarly is pretty awesome. Another favourite site of mine is YouTube. YouTube is called the second largest search engine after Google, and Google owns it. When I heard Justin Bieber, I heard those for a month; when I hear once direction, I heard it for months too. 

And my mom said- you are playing a single song for 7-8 times a day, it sounds monotonous. I'm kind of obsessed people. One Direction is my obsession now. Linkin Park was my obsession one time, and Chester was still alive. I listen to songs, watch videos from YouTube. I love to see motivational videos too. Those give me a charm. Then I start writing on Grammarly. Even a few days ago my blog posts were 600-700 words. And now it has been increased to 1000+ words. I'm able now to write more; maybe I'm able to explain in details of that post. So after finishing a blog post, I take it to blogger and edit the post. With perfect font size, necessary inbound and outbound links, a perfect photo as cover plus some relevant photos, if the post needs. Then I post it, and it goes live on the web. 

After posting an article, I check how long it will take to appear Adsense ad. even a months ago; it took 5-10 minutes to appear an ad. but nowadays it appears within  1-2 minutes. Once it is done, I look for some other work apart from listening to music. Generally, I don't have any option to do. And I can't write blog posts one after another continuously. I need to read some blogs, newspapers, magazines to get myself updated. Even sometimes, I post about some issues that I have just read. If it strikes on my mind. And kind of relevant to my blog niche. Generally, my maximum blog post holds some common keyword- motivation, blog, post, and more. So if you read my blog and if you don't have an interest in those topics, it might be boring to you. I never expect people will read my blog. I write because I love to write. If I heard from anyone, that I had read your blog and it's good. It feels me better at the moment. To be honest, like Imran Uddin, I want to create my own brand. The name Sourajit has been known by many students of our school, pass out or present student whatever. So it's a great experience. 

I contact Avishek da next. What about him, how is he! Sometimes we spend our times in day time, sometimes in the evening. He is a great person and a good company. A good listener. He is the only one with whom I can practice my spoken English. And I think he makes it better (my spoken English). Practicing spoken English definitely reflects on my writing skill. In the same way, writing a lot of every day can enrich your vocabulary, so that you can speak English better. It's just from my perspective. I don't know what happens to other people, but it works for me pretty good.

When I come back home after chatting with Avishek da, still there are only two or three options on my hand. One, reading magazines, that's good. Two, listening to songs and watching videos from YouTube, that's good. Three, writing another blog post, that's awesome. If I can do something productive or creative, it feels me immensely happy. I made a room when I was in class 3 or 4, there was a system to on, and off the light, there was a door that shuts with a magnet. And the room had been made by shoe-box. And my private tutor came to my home (as I was very seek, still I made it in my spare time), and he praised my creativity. I made my first website (offline website) when I was in class 8., and I think an offline website is a little bit tough than creating an online website. Because in the offline website, you have to connect all the pages and interlink them with code. It should take much more time than a regular blog spot blog needs. I don't have those website codes, but I still love to remember the incident, actually that was the beginning of my blogging journey, and I was quite fascinated about coding. Even still I'm. But nowadays, I don't need to code anymore. 

While writing a blog post or reading a magazine, I turn on my Philips Hue light sometimes, and it's a speciality- it can produce any colour you want and you have to operate it will your smartphone. So technology has been developed so much in 2019. I strongly believe I will be able to see much more unbelievable gadgets in 2030. Anyway, I turn off my lights, shut down my computer and go to my bed. That's how I have spent my entire day. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.