On the article 2 MP to 24 MP, I have mentioned how frequently I have changed my smartphones. iPhone 6s, Samsung galaxy S8, Samsung galaxy note 8 and now shifted to google pixel 2., and I have also mentioned the reason for changing so frequently- I want to experience flagship models of Samsung, the AMOLED screen, I think it was the best screen ever invented then. And the second reason it, smartphone camera. Just to get some better camera, I have sold my expensive phones at a very very low price and purchased another one. So in this way, I have probably lost near about 1 lakh rupees by selling both- smartphone camera and my first mirrorless, Sony A6000. And my mom often tells me to help poor people instead of wasting so much money for no reason. Yeah, she is right. 
My Gadgets And I
My pixel 2 is quite updated as it is invented by Google itself. So I have android pie for the last two months or more. Using stock android is an amazing experience. At the same time, the screen resolution or display quality not up to the mark. It's pretty bad, especially when I have used Samsung flagship phones with AMOLED display. And the second one is the night camera. Though Google has provided a night mood which is really good, but if I take a shot at night, it looks bad compared to S8 and Note 8. Samsung is pretty amazing at night. It can deliver you beautiful photos at night. If you say about daylight photo, then it's working so fine with accurate colours. Among my few smartphones, Pixel 2 has been with me for the longest time, near about one year. I love its size. Nowadays almost all smartphones have a big size, so it's quite difficult to hold that with my tiny hand. So I was looking for a phone with a short length. Pixel 2 fulfils this requirement. 

There are a lot of iPhones has been released after iPhone X. Maybe there are 4-5 models more of iPhone. Only iPhone XS is the smallest. So when my pixel does not work anymore, I will probably buy iPhone XS. It looks really nice. And the price is nice too! 
My Macbook
My MacBook's keyboard has been damaged. Five keys are not working. So as a result of that, I have to change the whole keyboard, and I have to take it to Apple's service centre. I called a service centre, and they told- it will take near about 9000 rupees. MacBook is my favourite, and I don't want to see it as a damaged gadget. People may consider apple product as a showoff. But honestly, apple product is something with excellent design and finishing. They look so nice. 

I was watching a motivational video of Jack Ma. Along with my idols, Jack Ma's speech also very inspiring. After hearing that speech, I feel like- I was 25 when I had created this website. And when I am 40 years old, this website will be 15 years old, a 15 years old domain have really a good reputation in Google's eye. Even still this domain has a good reputation. If I can visit some other place, if I can click some photos, and I write about my experience in this blog, it will be much more interesting to read. On 21st March it will be two years old, and I will be 27 years old then. A 2 years old domain is much better than a completely new domain without any authority. I am working for my blog, my article writers are working for my blog, and I strongly believe it will rank one day. If it can give me a good amount of revenue, I will close my other domains. Yes, this is the only domain I love, this is the only domain I work for, this is the only domain holding my name, and this is the only domain I want to continue with. 

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