I was looking my archive page for an old post of mine. I could not get that, as at the time I wrote a single post with multi-topic. So I had to search on my search box. and got those posts. I wrote several times about the issue. Getting 1-2k likes and 100-200 comments will not pay your restaurant bills or your flight fare. So basically don't waste your time on Facebook, rather than do something creative on the web. Mark Zuckerberg is right now the 5th most wealthiest person in the world acquiring Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook is right now an addictive to teenagers or even to the adults. It's like a competition to get more likes and more comments or more share. I love to call Facebook as the biggest time waster. I do Facebook too, but very often. 

But there are some good reasons to use Facebook. For? Who want to promote themselves and their business. Like Mirchi Agni, He promotes himself through videos on Facebook. At the same time, he posts those videos on YouTube too; those can make a good amount. So he uses Facebook for social recognization and uses YouTube for making money. And at the same time, YouTube also gives him social recognization. And nowadays he is quite popular, and he will get a verified badge from Facebook, very soon- expected. There are other people also who love to promote their content on Facebook, for example, Iftekhar Ahmed. He is a problogger and good friend of mine. He has a unique writing style that draws people's (bloggers) attention. Both in his blogging group and Facebook profile. He is a popular face now in the Indian blogging world. That directly or indirectly helps him to promote his blog- iftiSEO. It's really a unique blog, where you only get quality content. 
My Thoughts About Facebook

If you are trying to do something creative like nail art/ drawing/ funny videos like Mirchi Agni/ photographer like Audi photography/ content marketing like Neil Patel, whatever your niche is, you can use Facebook as a good platform. But if you just think, I will take a picture of mine (selfie), or group photos or portrait in a good dress. You might get tons of likes, but at the end of the day, it's just nothing. Your 3000 friends will never help you if you face financial problems (jobless or seeking for a job, family, or some other reasons). Only your family and your 2-3 friends will stand beside you. So if you think yourself as Facebook star or Facebook princess... you are going on a wrong path. Yeah, I have wasted 2-3 years doing Facebook. And now I regret, if I took blogging seriously from that period, so I could make more fortune, or more importantly, I could achieve some more life goals.

One of my crazy friends often ask me; please teach me blogging so that I can earn a little bit. And I ended up with suggesting a blogging tips related book. Even I have learned a little bit of blogging from the web, and I have read a lot of blogs and websites. So reading habit, whatever paper book or Kindle or web, is very important. I still love to call myself as a learner. Yeah, I learn every day a lot of things from the web, seniors, juniors. Yeah, you even can learn a lot of things from juniors too. My nephew is a beautiful painter, and now he is ten years old. And I'm now 26, and I have painted this in leisure time. Sometimes, I heard music only, without doing no work, just music, and I think it's better than Facebook. in a recent research, I saw an interesting result, Facebook can increase depression. Students are getting addictive too much for Facebook, and they are considered as "disordered social media users". 

I will not suggest you leave Facebook completely but within a limit. Give much priority to your real life friends and parents and obviously to your job/passion. I'm glad that I made my passion into a profession. I wanted to be a programmer. I wanted to be a writer. And blogging makes both wishes fulfilled. Though as I said, I regret for spending too much time on Facebook, and now I have come completely out of this addiction. Maybe i don't get enough likes. :D So, if my post helps anyone to stay away from wasting your time on Facebook, I will be more than happy. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.