Today is valentine's day. 14th February. And some of my friends are busy with their girlfriend to spend well the entire day and to memorable it for life. Some don't have a girlfriend, and they probably regret themselves for that. And I'm seating on my chair, listening to songs from YouTube and writing this article. I'm completely focused on my goal- I have to rank my blog for some keywords. It takes a lot of time to rank, from my previous experience. During this period it's very frustrating when you are continuously working for your blog, and you do not get any result from it. Really frustrating and disappointing. But if you want to be a blogger, you much need the patience to let them rank even after a month or two.

Some of my friends who are busy with their girlfriends, they basically don't have any goal in their life. If you believe "If you can dream it then you can achieve it", you are completely wrong until you are working for your dreams, and make it possible. I have seen some of my friends. Also, one of them is working on a company and partners does not get a job yet. Those moments are very scary. You can definitely take some time to get a job, but when a girl with be 26-27 years old, her parents will definitely want to find a perfect life partner for her and let them marry. 
Sourajit Saha

I'm not against the relationship. A relation is good. Even sometimes it can motivate you to be more productive and creative. To work much more to make their dreams come true. But if your goal is only to spend time together at the age of 26-27, it's probably not a good sign. You should definitely give much priority to your work. And in between 20-30, it's a vital age to change yourself. It will decide what your future will be. We make mistakes. That's not a big issue. And get a lesson from it. Again we make another mistake. And we get a lesson from it. So in this phrase, we make a lot of mistakes and get lessons from it. So we can now understand what is good for me and what is bad. For example- if you read physics hons. And then masters, and then doing a PhD. You work hard for it, and it may be going to make you a reputed lecturer or professor. It's good for you. But it won't work for me. I'm very bad at physics. I'm bad at chemistry and biology too, even in higher standard mathematics. I was good only in programming. I made my first website when I was 14 years old. And friends and teachers got amazed. I love to gives me the freedom to build a website as I want. I can control everything. The theme you are watching of my blog, it's a completely customized theme by me.

Right now I can't tell you that I'm doing great. To be honest. But I'm working hard to rank my blog, and it's true. Though I have got some green signals from Google and I think even google loves my blog. And other search engines too. But ranking for a keyword is not so easy, it's like only 15 days I have posted them. And I think I should wait for 14 days. I'm impatient. That's the problem. I definitely have to dome other things like reading magazines, reading newspapers, spending more time with my family, though my mom is always busy, all the time. 
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Spending a day with your partner is nothing wrong, yeah you can take a day for him/her. But if you are not career-focused, you may have to face some difficult moments in future. Just like our dad, uncle, they have earned and saved a good amount so that if there is any urgent need in the future for treatment of something like this, they can spend from there. So savings is always important. Even I was not, so career focused even before one year. But motivational videos and quotes have been changed my mind hugely. I always think about my goals, career. Whenever my mom comes into my room and sits on the sofa. I start talking about my goals. Whenever I went for hangout with Avishek da, I tell him about my blog and all. I don't know if they feel bored or not, but to be honest, I can't think anything except my career. And I think it effects on my blog posts. I write only about some achievements, goal, careers, motivations and all. If we (my family) start, some tours probably, I will be able to write about a trip, tourism. Yeah, I need break, I need to go somewhere, any beautiful place. Kashmir is great. I told my mom about Kashmir. She has a great fear about that place. And I know that well — fear of terrorists. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.