Success is a lousy teacher; failure makes you humble. It's quite true. I have experience of that. When I was going to start a project, Imran gave me an idea about a niche. I purchased a domain, order an article writer to write 20+ articles. And I wrote some of the articles for that blog. The domain had been registered on October. After post 40+ articles, I called every day, what the traffic would come? And he said every time, wait for few more days, traffic will come. It took two months to start traffic and generate revenue from that blog. And it was based on low competition keywords. So, if you are a newbie this stat can be helpful for you, a low competition keyword takes almost two months to rank on page one or two. 

And at a point of time, it started generating a good amount of revenue, and I thought- it's great, I don't have to do anything, it will make money like an autopilot mode. But you know, when you are driving a car or bike. The time when you are accelerating the vehicle, it will run. The moment you stop accelerating, it will still run, but it will going to slow with time, and at a certain point, it will stop, unless you don't accelerate it again. It happens with that blog. As I mentioned above- success is a very lousy teacher. Yes, when I got success, I was busy celebrating rather than keep working for it to make more revenue. So whenever you will do something, never get self-satisfied, then that will be the point of your limit, and you won't go beyond that point. 

Right now I'm working for this blog, and it has many reasons. First of all, I wanted to index some of my photos on google. Second, I wanted to generate revenue from it. Third, I want to create a brand of my own as this domain holds my name, so it's my responsibility to make it better with time. Though I didn't change anything related to interface, it still works well, will and kind of devices- desktop, laptop, tablet, notebook, smartphones. I don't know how it will look in a smart TV. But generally people use this kind of devices most. So I have designed this responsive template by my own. in fact if you open the home page, you'll not find any ad there. Ads are on every single post, except pages and home page. Now Google shows all of my blog's four pages just under the blog appearing on the search result. That makes me really happy that Google gives priority to my blog because this didn't happen with any of my previous blogs. 

I forget what was my first blogspot blog's name. But my first primary domain was, which does not exist anymore. The name is looking so odd; now I can feel that. Even I will remove the rest of my blogs, once this blog is able to generate decent revenue. I can't call it as my first dream project. I created a blog on psychology, and that was really my dream project as I love the subject psychology very much. The budget was 60000 rupees. And it was a complete loss, because, I did not make even 10$ from it. And you know, for example bipolar disorder, if you search it, the blogs will come on first page are- Phychologytoday, WebMD, Healthline, NiMH, Mayoclinic, Everydayhealth etc. etc. so even if you notice the second page, all blog is 55+ domain authority, now you say, even if I wait for 3-4 months, my blog, which is a completely new, will reach page 5 or 6. and who the hell will come page 5 or 6 except rank checkers like me! Yeah, I waited for 5-6 months or maybe more, and I found no improvement, then I was forced to delete the domain. And yes, I felt sad about that incident. 
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I'm very impatience. It's very hard to say patience and let my blog ranks for some specific keywords. Though I wrote an article about patience, that a blogger should need patience as these crawling, indexing and ranking are not an overnight process. But still I can't control myself- it's a complete confession to all of you. I'm impatience. Very much impatience and looking for some ways to pass my time. And I'm an optimist too. I strongly believe my blog will rank on someday. It can take a month or 2, but it will definitely rank. I have failed a lot of times; then I came back again, the again I have failed, again I came back. So if you failed to rank your blog, try to find the reason, what's wrong with your blog, or do you really new some more times to rank? The motivational speech was never in my favourite list. But some of the motivational speech has been changed my life, have been changed my mindset and all. So I'm grateful to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma. Thank you so much for motivating me, for giving me a lot of energy and a lot of ability to dome some works. And even Shah Rukh Khan and Cristiano Ronaldo also. Their hard work, and never give up mentality makes me strong. When I see an Indian as a CEO of Google who has passed from Kharagpur IIT, it motivates me a lot. Yeah, even Indians can be a global player. Even another famous Indian CEO is Satya Nadella, who is CEO of Microsoft Corporation, after bill gates. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.