This blog works well on Google. Even it is working fine on Bing too. I'm planning to make it bigger and better at the same time. To make it bigger means more article every month. If I want to make it an authority blog, I need three articles per day. That means 90 articles per month. So it can be 90-100 articles a month. Even for some days, I wrote two articles per day. And then if I hire a content writer or two, it can easily be 3 or 4 per day depends on the article writer. And number does not matter at all, but quality matters. If I hire more article writers, I have to check their sample work. So I concluded if he/she is perfect for the work or not. Even now this blog has more than 280  web pages. I could reach 300 milestones within a few days. It will be an enormous experience I have ever achieved. I have a lot of keywords, and I will start working with content writers soon. Maybe at the end of March. Today is 20-02-19. I have to wait for 30+ days. 
Planning For Authority Blog

I have finished another Anandalok too. It's good to reason; you can learn a lot of things happening around the celebrity world from that magazine. It's a Bengali magazine. If you want to read in English, you can go for "Filmfare" magazine. Nowadays I read the newspaper too. I love the business-related news most. I don't know why, but that attracts me the most. Reading habit is great, and if I can continue this again, it will be more beneficial, and it will reflect on my writing. Though I have a regular reading habit, reading blogs and websites related to blogging tricks and tips like Backlinko

Making an authority blog is not such an easy task. You have to go with the proper mindset. You have to work hard for that, regular post, quality post, the image with proper optimization, backlinks. I will be glad if one-day can touch the domain authority milestone of 50. The present domain authority of this blog is 24. to make it fifty is very very difficult. You need a lot of backlinks, a lot of shares for this. Communicating with people can do that. It's easy to increase domain authority from 20 to 30. But it's really much more tough to take it from 40 to 50. One of my blogger friends, named Iftekhar, has a beautiful blog, with some awesome content, but his domain authority is 33. I think his authority should be like more than 45+. 

SEO is a game, and a lot of players are here to play. Some of them are the pro level blogger, some are the medium level blogger, and rest are beginners. I think I'm a medium level blogger. There are a lot of guys who start a blog, after a few days, when they found no traffic, they quit blogging and say- blogging is useless. Even I did that two times. I am waiting for a month to generate traffic, after that, when I found no result, I moved on from those blogs. And basically, those blogs took another month or two to generate revenue. So after a few months, I found- those have been generated revenues. And it was pretty shocking, and I was immensely happy seeing it. So if you start a blog, please don't quit it for no traffic... it may take a month or two, but it will generate revenue one day. 

A few days ago, I went with my mom to a nearby restaurant, which has been opened a few days ago. (actually, we went there on 2nd or 3rd day). So the restaurant was empty, and only we were sitting there. And told my mom, it's like a new blog, no visitor. And I gave her an example of another restaurant- which is 10-15 years old. And people are always there almost. So I compared that with an authority blog with a good domain age. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.