I have posted a lot of articles recently. and all I should is- waiting for letting them rank. Low CPC according to my researcher. And she said- with this basic optimization, it's really tough to rank... let's see, what happens. As you know, it's not a completely new blog. It's almost two years old, and this blog has a good reputation on google. There are some backlinks too. (though some backlinks have been deleted in last 48 days). There are 270+ posts on this blog. It's not so easy; especially I took a break of 10-11 months. So literally within one year, I have posted more than 270 blog posts on sourajit.com; it's a pretty amazing figure, and I like it. And waiting for ranking is very boring stuff. I was waiting for the last 10-15 days to see if they have been ranked on google or not. Basically, it's worthless. Even I can do some other things. And I can't do some things, here is a link also in the link.
Time Pass For A Blogger

I have started reading the newspaper, especially business and entertainment part. Those two niches are my favourite. My uncle bought me an entertainment magazine- Anandalok. And I have finished that within five days. I read a little bit every day. If it would be 2008's Sourajit, he could complete the entire magazine within 1 hour. Or maybe 30 minutes more. My mom asked me- why are you not reading books? Actually, I can't read too much long content. News and magazines have little parts. So it's easier to read that. 

Hangout with friends is good, but there is no one except Avishek da. Most of the days, we meet in the evening, and we were discussing about our common problems, or something any interesting topic. Avishek da generally don't talk much; he loves to listen, an I'm like a chatterbox. We are speaking continuously from start to end. Uttiyo comes maybe once or twice a week. He is really busy. Other friends too.

Photography is a thing that can kill your time. But while going to photography, I need some other person for two reasons. One, my lens is perfect for portrait photography. It's impossible to do macro photography with that lens. For that reason, I will purchase a new lens 24-240mm. It will fit perfectly into my body (camera). Another reason is, I don't love to stay alone, I can do it sometimes. But most of the time I need someone, who will give me company and who will click photos of mine. 

Whatsapp is a good way to spend my time. It's not that my friends or family members are time pass to me. But when I feel alone, I try to connect with them. I love to speak to my sister. Love to send article links to Avishek da. his review is kind of perspective of a neutral person. He always gives me genuine reviews, that helps me, encourage me to write more blog posts. I never expect people will read my blog post. Honestly, I write my blog post to express my feelings here, just like a journal. Definitely, I can't write everything, but I write about most of the things happened to me. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.