Just came back from Kolkata. And I could feel the difference in temperature of two different places. Kolkata is much warmer. My blog's domain authority has been increased, from 23 to 24. I love to play slow and steady. And this blog(sourajit.com) is completely different from my other blogs. Till now I have created many niche blogs, based on- media, perfume, Instagram, headphone, psychology, amazing facts, and many more. I can't recall other names right now. My first blog was based on amazing facts, and the main target was to make money. And it happened to the rest of my blogs too. I was focusing on money so much (though I have tried my best to provide good articles, sometimes), I focused less on content. And this blog is completely different. Its main priority is to deliver good content, so whenever I order my article writer to write something, I mention that- write in the way so that users find the data useful. Even I am ready to pay more, but I need quality content. And I am more responsible about this blog cause it holds my name. Moreover, I was able to represent my school on google by posting some articles with pictures. And those pictures have been indexed. And now a lot of students know about this blog. Few teachers know about this blog. So I feel like- it's a responsibility to maintain the quality of my blog. I'm concern about interlinking, outbound links, guest posts, statistics, google analytics and all. But as I previously said, it's time-consuming. When I created this blog- it was like a journal to me. I never felt to monetize this blog with Adsense. But a few days ago, when I checked the blog's statistics- domain authority-24, page authority-33. And I feel like I can use that blog as a source of income by adding some Adsense ads. Then I form a team for keyword research, content writing, link building. And they are very supportive and efficient. I can blindly trust them. 
Why This blog Is Different
My mom is now familiar with the terms- blogging, link, content writer and all. I ask her most of the times. The Same question- will my blog be able to rank? And mom says- you have this kind of experience previously. Why do you get so nervous? I don't know what she really feels, but she is very calm and cool. Yeah, I have ranked unexpectedly about our school reunion related post. Whenever I wrote them, I never think of this issue. And now my blog beats Facebook with two blog posts (position 1 and 2). Facebook (our school reunion authority's official page)is on position 3. beating Facebook (domain authority-100) is not a small issue. And now I'm trying to beat LinkedIn, google scholar and Facebook for the search term- "sourajit saha". I need much more backlinks for the anchor text- "sourajit saha". 
sourajit.com on google search 1

sourajit.com on google search 2
Yesterday I checked google analytics for this blog, and I found something inspiring. Visitors from google search- they are spending 12 minutes on average on my blog, and they are visiting almost seven pages/visitor on average. So they definitely find my blog interesting, so they are spending near about 12 minutes each. Bounce rate is below 50%, that is really good. Social traffic is not valuable on my blog. I mean when I share a post on my Facebook page, and some of my friends come to my blog and the spend 11-15 seconds on average. That's pretty much disappointing. To be honest, organic traffic is the best traffic. I don't need my post to get viral, but I love to get traffic from search engine, and most especially from Google. Even today, visitors from Google- their average duration of 11 minutes 37 seconds. It's really really great statistics. I just love to see it. And I will keep working on this blog so that organic traffic can increase. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.