Chocomumu brings to you the premium quality chocolates and gift boxes, here you can choose from the wide range of chocolates its flavors and fillings... We wrap the chocolates with love and present them in a special handmade box.Your wish is our priority. Here everything is created according to your wish, from the dark chocolate to milk chocolate, almonds to butterscotch or box colour to its ribbon everything can be chosen by you. 
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Chocomumu- A Chocolate Shop 2
Chocomumu- A Chocolate Shop 3
Chocomumu- A Chocolate Shop 4
Chocomumu- A Chocolate Shop 5
Till now chocomumu is offering
As base - dark chocolates, milk chocolates , white chocolates.
Other additional flavoures - strawberry, orange and pesta. 
Filling within - Almonds, cashews,

Raisin, butterscotch, rich pesta, crunchy crackle, chocolate chips, caramel n mocha as fillings.

So let your imagination treat the taste buds and let our creativity treat your eyes. Choose from wide Chocomumu range and experience our love. #lovechocomumu

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