Are you looking for more information related to How Does Snapchat Make Money? Then you are at right place where I will clear all your doubts and questions. Most of you have already used Snapchat and know a lot about it. Even if you do not use it, you must have heard about it and saw your friends use it a lot. Most people are addicted to it as you know the world is full of social media trends these days and people love sharing stories. It is a rare case if anyone has not heard about it till now. 


It is a social media app used for the purposes of multimedia messaging. It is used in the whole world. Many people are addicted to it and loved it. They love sharing stories. There is also a new trend of streaks too that you may have heard about it. In this, people send each other stories every day,and so they can increase their streak score. This app was created by the students of Stanford University.
How Does Snapchat Make Money

Snapchat Features

The focus of this article is how Snapchat make money does,but before that, we should know what Snapchat does exactly. So what a user can do on Snapchat is that they can send simple messages or pictures or videos and snaps too which get automatically deleted after reading it. You can save a text (simple or pic or video) if you want to. Other than that, you can share stories on your Snapchat account which has a duration of 24 hours,and after that, it gets deleted. If you think of these limitations are meaningless or pathetic then there’s more to it that the video, you can be able to edit on Snapchat can be of 10 seconds duration only. Sound funny, right? But, it is the case here. So either you can take Snapchat as some badly designed app or a different thing else entirely. You also have a Snapchat gallery where your save stories are stored whether you shared the publicly or not and you can access them anytime and can also export it from there on your phone’s gallery or to any other social app like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp,etc. There is more to it,but this is basic use which every user does. You would be amazed to learn that Snapchat has more than 150 million users who are daily activities and the valuation of Snapchat is around 18 billion dollars. So you cannot say it is pathetic, but an amazing social app.

Sometimes people wonder about how does Snapchat able to make money as many people like to think about such stuff. Like any other social apps like Facebook, Twitter,etc., they make money using the power of ads. Same is the case for Snapchat. But due to the unique features, it provides to its users; it is making quite a bunch. Following are some ways which Snapchat uses t make their money and profit:

Snap Ads

The bread and butter of snapchat is the power of snap ad. They use the 10-second video which is relevant to the next video and is making quite a killing in this. The ads are quite attractive which snapchat provides to its users. The ads are interactive in like you can have an option of swipe up in case you want more of it. Snapchat have also teamed up with various firms to increase the revenue. Firms like Adaptly, 4C,etc. They are increasing their revenue. Even though, they are, there is that one line that they will never cross is the privacy feature of their users. Due to this, the advertisements cannot reach to the users directly into their private chats.

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Another great and unique feature that snapchat provides and use to make money is Geofilters. Snapchat believes that life will be more fun if you live in the moment. Due to the feature, the user will not have to provide details where they are exactly at the moment. You won’t have to tell snapchat whether you are at a park or at the museum or athemall. They do not have to do it manually. It will all be shared automatically to your snap circle if you have publicly available your location to your friends. It will automatically the content which is user-generated. This will be shared with the user’s social snap circle. Snapchat will not charge you to for Geofilters design. But, snapchat will cost you for the two things which are the size of the area and the amount of time for the availability of that Geofilters. The minimum charge of the area which is around 20000 sq. feet is $5.

Lens Filters

The lens filters have become a trend,and after realizing by different companies, they have started to sponsor their own lens filters. They are similar in a way to Geofilters. Sometimes, it comes with background music as well. Snapchat charges companies for this and many users interact with these lens filters and love them.

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Another great feature of Snapchat that Snapchat uses to make money is “Discover.” If you double swap to the right, you must have an experienced this discover feature along with some ads as well. So you can get they are also making money using that feature even though it is not that clear how they are using that discover feature to make money. Most probably, both Snapchat and the company must be sharing revenue.

Sports Partnerships

Snapchat has also partnered up with some sports organizations like NHL and NFL. They leverage live stories for this to reach audience during sports events. The most probable way of how Snapchat making money here is that they must be sharing revenue of sports organizations. Also, now, these life stories are available to every user. These are the few ways of how Snapchat makes money and earn a profit.