Time is not so good. We all are struggling to cure my uncle. He is suffering from lungs cancer(not sure). He has been admitted to rail hospital at Sealdah. I just can't imaging- Muskaan without my uncle. Literally, it's his home. He worked all day all night for our house and made it always clean. Even a few days ago, while colouring our home for the first time, we (my uncle and I) decided a lot, which can be a good fit for our house. Now our house has been coloured, but he is no more in this house. It's really pathetic for me. Though I'm 27 now, I have some disease-related bad experiences. I have been suffered; my dad has been suffered; my mom has been suffered during my first board exam. It was a very tough time. And now this time happened with my beloved uncle- who probably loves me even more than his son. And you know, when you are getting this kind of love and affection, it turns into a responsibility to take care of them. Spreading a helping hand to them, always. He is now in hospital as I said before and he asked my father several times about me. I have got so so so much love from my grandmother, mother, and uncle in our home. 
Lung cancer
I prayed to god today- if you take my uncle, it's okay. But please make me strong so that I can be very successful in my life more than before so that he can see me from the sky. Actually, I'm very much emotional, if you read my blog regularly, you will feel it. I made a video and uploaded it on YouTube, about celebrating my birthday and here is the video. Pardon me for the nonsense Hindi song, but the beats can make you dance.
I wrote before about my 27th birthday, I have spent the night at Kalyani Government Engineering College for the fest. And I think this is my best birthday so far. Credit goes to Ayan da, Ambika, my bestie Uttiyo, and his gf Konkona, and two of my BFF group- Sayan and Sudipta. Thank you all for making me feel special. God bless you. Love.
Sourajit Saha 27th Birthday
My blog's sitelinks have been vanished after adding the gallery page. I don't know when it will come back to my blog or not forever. The gallery is something very important to me. Some of my favourite pictures have been placed there. And I am thinking all day- what can be added to my blog to make it more attractive. If you have any suggestion, don't forget to let me know. I will give you credit. My article writers are working fine, and I'm fully satisfied with their works. Even some of those articles have been ranked for some keywords. I'm so happy after seeing it. It's like- hard work pays off. Right now, if you search Sourajit Saha on google, my blog will appear at the very first. 
Sourajit Saha Blog
So, in that way, I take over the web search and literally rule there. But in image search, I can't take a great position, never. I think it will take more time. Here I will mention an incident happened by one of my keyword researchers. She told me your blog has some authority so it will rank within a few days (less than a week). I was so excited when I will start getting traffic for those keywords. Later, I realized- it's not possible, and SEO is a time-consuming matter, where you need a lot of dedication and patience as well. So when I told her about this matter- she told me, you have done poor optimization! What the fack! I am doing blogging since 2010, and now you said- the posts can't rank as the optimization is poor. I don't like an argument, so it was better to stand away from her. Maybe in future, I will order again for keywords, as her work is pretty impressive. But those words were like- hidden charge.
Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.