Cortana is a virtual assistant designed and created by the Microsoft Corporation with the ability to work on Android as well as iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One, Amazon Alexa, Windows 10 Mobile and many more devices. It is currently available in seven languages including, English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and, Japanese. Moreover, it has been voiced by the American voice actor Jen Taylor.

Cortana is basically Microsoft’s answer to the Google assistant and Apple’s Siri. Although intended for use on the Windows 10 operating system, a portable version of the Cortana app for android phone free has also been developed.
Cortana App For Android Phone Free
Why Use Cortana For Android?

Cortana is a highly intelligent virtual assistant that has the ability to help you with several daily tasks. She can set reminders for you, keep track of your notes and lists, help manage your calendar and, make calls as well as texts on your behalf.

Like any smart voice assistant, Cortana will give you any and all kinds of information that you ask her. Moreover, she also gives you everyday traffic and weather updates based on various locations and keeps a tab on any reminders you forget about.

Cortana is adaptable with many third-party applications such as Uber and Eventbrite, which, not many other voice assistants have the ability to do. Also, most of the search results that Cortana gives are taken directly from the Bing search engine, which is a very accurate platform for searches of all kinds.

Basically, Cortana is the perfect assistant that you are missing in your life. Assisting you with several tasks in your daily life, she is guaranteed to make your life much easier.

How To Install and Use Cortana For Android Phone Free

In order to find and install the Cortana app, you must go to the Google Play Store and search for “Cortana” and then, click on the install button. When you first launch Cortana, you will be asked to allow the app to access your phone’s location and it will request access to your phone’s files. You should agree to those requests and allow the app to access them as they are necessary for Cortana to work.

You will also be asked to allow access to other parts of your phone including the calendar, search history, notes, voice interface, gallery and many more things. The reason Cortana asks permission for a long list of things is that a voice assistant app can only be useful when it can access all parts of your phone at once instead of asking permission each time it opens. 

Once you click on the agree button you will be redirected to your Microsoft account, which if you do not have one will then be created. You can do this by tapping the “Create One!” option.

Now, once Cortana has been installed, it will begin a setup process that asks you to enter your name or any name that you wish to be called by Cortana and you can choose the background color of the app. Once these plus a few extra things are decided, you will be able to go through a quick and short tutorial that shows the various things you can do with the app.

If you are unable to work with the commands or cannot understand them correctly, you can tap on the little microphone on the bottom of the screen and ask Cortana, ‘What can I do?’. Cortana will then inform you about the various commands you can give to it.  

Tips for Using Cortana on Android?

There are some hidden tricks you can try when using Cortana for Android that many users are not aware of. Some of these may include the following.

Change the Theme Color

The default color of Cortana is blue and black. Many users stick with this color and never change it, however, you have the option to change to various other colors such as pink, purple, green, teal, black, orange, and, yellow. All you have to do is swipe right on the app to see the amazing color panel and change colors!

Notifications on Various Devices

Cortana allows the user to transfer notifications from every app on your laptop or PC without the need to install any other third-party software. You will be able to get missed call notifications, text message alerts, reminders and many other notifications. You even have the ability to reply to your messages and DMs through your laptop.

All you must do is open settings in the Cortana app and click on ‘Cross-Device’ and ensure that all your devices have a stable internet connection.

Other Fun Commands

You have the ability to dictate emoji commands to Cortana and she will type the emoji for you! All you have to say is “smiley” or “winkie”. Moreover, Cortana can also translate basic words. For example, you can ask her for a word in Spanish and she will tell you.

Cortana also has the ability to search for documents and images on your phone. All you must do is ask her for the pictures or documents that you need from a specific date and she will pull them up for you!

In Conclusion, the Cortana app for Android Mobile is an extremely great app that can be helpful for tasks in our daily lives and best of all, it is free! So, no one has to stress about getting this app and paying for any expensive features.