Yes, you can send GIFs on text. In fact, they are replacing words today. It is a technique to spice up conversations. In the 21st century, we have heard all the fancy and flattery words; no matter how creative you are with words, the magic has its limits. Most people know about GIFs but only use them on Social media platforms that seem to be the only ones with interesting features. Interesting conversations don’t have to be cut short because you are out of mobile data or WI-FI connection is low. You can switch to text messages and still send GIFs to your friends or loved ones. There are millions of short clips on Android; it also depends on your device and version of Android.
GIF In Text Message Android

How to send GIFs in text message in Android  

Here is how to do it-  

· Start a conversation or go to an existing one 

·Tap in the space within the text bar to auto-launch the keyboard

·Find the smiley face on the right side of the bar depending on your version 

·Tapa GIF found at the bottom of the screen 

·View the recent GIFs used before or Search by keyword (board terms help to get a wide range of results)  

·Select your desired GIF ·If you want to add another one, use the plus sign found next to the message bar 

·Tap on ‘send’

GIFs on old Android versions

GIFs on old Android versions If you still have one of the oldest Android versions, you have access to a library of GIFs. For example GIPHY holds such images to allow you upload creations. Here is how to send gif in text message android: 
 1> Open the application 

 2> On the home screen, you will find trending and seasonal GIFs.

3> Select the planet symbol to see more categories such as greetings, animals, memes, and greetings. Choose your desired symbol to upload the GIFs. 

4> Tap on the image you desire 

5> Underneath the GIF, you will find symbols for applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. The share button will how other apps on the phone for you send whenever you need to send- 

6> Select the app you need to use, write your message 

7> Sending GIFs saved on your Android 

8> You may send GIFs as messages and emails that you have saved to the gallery 

9> Tap the plus sign next to the message bar 

10> Scroll the images to find the GIF you need next to the camera 

11> You may add some text before texting ‘send’ On the other hand, you may launch the app where you saved the GIF and share it with the message. 

Why they are Important 

Unlike words, using GIFs you visualize your words. The recipient will need to pay more attention to the animation before replying. But this does not mean it is hard, it is interesting to try to figure out what the person means. But this only happens in the first few days when both of you are learning the technique. The fact that it brings a visual element to communication makes it special. 

It is easy Android offers a GIF keyboard for all the fun. It barely took me an hour to find close to 20 appropriate GIFs from the keyboard and typing on messages with my two friends was history. It was an interesting discovery. The best thing about using GIFs is you don’t need to memorize any; there is a search tab for you to type any word like “good morning” or “let’s go.” Several options will pop up for your selection. 

You can remind your friends about a favorite song with GIFs instead of explaining a memory with words, animations can effectively point back to history. When sending a GIF you can be sure the recipient will smile while viewing and understand the message. Gone are the days conversations would hang because of boring messages; there is even a GIF to show confusion. The other party will have to resend or change the animation to make you understand. I learnt how to tease my friends with GIFs and they captured the fun without explaining with a single word. I loved it. 

Guess what? 

After using GIFs for a while, you won’t need words even on face-to-face communication. When you meet with friends, it will be about the signs. I know you are thinking it is weird but is the most awesome level of friendship. The fact that you don’t have to say a word but people understand are in harmony is great. It shows bonding. The way you smile or roll your eyes speaks volumes to your friends who you communicate with GIF. This is the essence of communication and bonding in friendship. 

Besides, you can customize GIFs to fit your conversation codes. After a week, your phone will have marked the favorite GIFs and set them up for you for easy click and send through text messaging. Trust me, you won’t need words. GIF in text message Android is interesting because no one can decode your messages even if it is the basic hello and “I love you” communication. Also, it can integrate the GIFs from social media platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp to your text messaging keyboard. 

I know some critics will want to use this against GIFs citing it as undermining human interaction but that would be lack of misunderstanding. GIFs do not undermine social life; they actually enhance interaction between friends and establish bonds. The highest level of bonding is not in words; silence makes the real conversations between friends. In fact, the never needing to say is what counts. 


You will be surprised that after a month you have only used 20 of the GIFs. The fact that you can customize and be creative with communication makes the options endless. Also, I like that social media platforms and text messages can be integrated. The best way to start with the GIFs is with a friend or two that you will establish a code and stick to the understanding. At first, it will seem impossible to communicate with words but the moment you can read three or four animations you will be good to go. It is a trend and you should not be left behind. I think the shift from words to GIFs is positive. Text messaging should be easy and conversations should be interesting.