Androids are the latest mobiles that most of us are using for our daily life necessities. Simple mobiles are used for talking with one another. Sending messages to one another and also there are some games for entertainment. But, androids, there is no alternative to it. You can do anything whatever you want to do using android.

It has changed our living standards and our priorities. You can use various apps in it for the various purpose which helps you in getting information about new things. If you feel bored, androids have a variety of games that let you entertain in your boring time. There are a lot of other games due to which you can make money by playing such a game. So you can entertain yourself as well as you can earn money through it.So Android has a very great impact on our lives. Keeping in view all the facts, we all are dependent on androids and will not be able to live without it.

Services of android

There are a lot of services introduced in Android that helps you with all your daily jobs. Such services are useful in sending speech to text and also you can send your speech directly to others. Some of the services are:

· Viber
· Facebook messenger
· Line
· Whatsapp

All these have speech services. Many of our users that are working out of their countries and want to talk to their families. They are availing such services that help them to talk with their relatives. These services have also an option of talking to one another by watching one another. So, it has finished the distance as they can be available and can see all the functions and parties of their families and relatives through these services.

As all these services are working if there is an internet connection so you must have wifi or other data packages for using it. It seems costly but if you see in long terms, the benefits are more than its cost.

This article is all about how to activate voice to text on android? So it is an important feature and you must read this article to gain information regarding this feature.

How do I activate voice to text on android?

As there are various mobiles and every mobile has its own UI and other options. So you have to just take an idea from this article but most of the Android mobile has almost the same options in every model. So it is the general method you can apply to all the version of Android.

Android has an amazing capability of voice to text service. It allows you to relax while texting to someone or doing any type of working that includes typing. So you will do all it by this feature.
There are a variety of mobiles and models that have different software versions. So, this feature is available in almost all the androids but the method will be a slight different.

So here is the method of how to activate it.

In some mobiles, there is a mic button in the typing pad. When you write something, the writing pad appears on the screen. There you can see the mic option. Click on that and you will able to speech what you want to write.

If you fail to find the mic option on a writing pad. You first go to the settings, select the device setting. There you will see the personal option, click it. Then select language & input, look for a speech there. Select voice input and you will see the mic option available on a writing pad. If you still facing the problem for not finding the option, you will go to see if the google app is on a running? If not, turn it on as it is also important to be active when you avail the service of speech to text.

By google app, you can also enhance the quality of voice and also you can select your language input from this app. There is also an option to block all the vulgar words using in speech. While selecting the speech to text service, don’t forget to select the language in which you want to deliver your speech to text. You have to select carefully as there will come issue while using it. Take care of the accent as it also really matters.

The voice to text option is very important for those who have to write emails on android. Some of the users make a presentation that takes a lot of time to write it on a small keyboard. So this option eases your work and your work will be done in a limited time and also you can edit and modify it by voice.
There are a lot of other apps that help you to send your speech directly to others. There is no need for converting to text. This is really great service as it saves a lot of time.

Is it better to have android?

If you take a look at the android mobiles, you will see a lot of functions that are available there for the users to make the users relax and giving comfort to the users. So it is better for everyone to be an android in everyone’s hand for a successive life. It will make your life free of all worries. It will help you in making your monthly expenses plan. It will help you with exercise as there are a lot of apps there. It will make you healthy as it contains diet and health-related apps. You can book your air and bus tickets through it. Most of all, you will get a discount on some places if you apply through your android mobile apps.