As Amazon is the largest marketplace, you can do online shopping of all your daily life necessities and your purchased items deliver within two business days. As these online services have comfort our lives but if you buy something and you don’t get it on the hands, you feel uncomfortable.

Amazon has made the life of the customers so easy. Amazon tries to introduce new packages very often so that they attract customers.

The amazon fresh has made the market high for the Amazon. They are now introducing Prime Now which is restricted to some areas and only for the Prime members. So if it works well, It will be then expanded in all the area where Amazon exists.

In this article, you will get some information about the Prime Now that which features it has and how it works? Is there any return policy and delivery charges? This information is very important before availing such opportunity.

Besides this, you will also get the information about Amazon fresh with all its features and functions.  As you will be much aware of Amazon fresh because it is the old version of Amazon. So the comparison of these two will get you to the point that which one is best for you as everyone has a different taste.

So bear with this article as it will change your mind off shopping. In the future, due to the rapid technology, all the shopping will be online and you will get your items on your bed. Let’s discuss the Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

Prime Now

Amazon has read our minds and clear this issue of time gap between the order and the delivery. Amazon has introduced the facility of Prime Now. Becoming Prime Now member, you will receive your delivery within two hours which is beyond our convenience. By Prime Now, one can enjoy the benefits of online shopping.

To avail the facility of Prim Now, you have to know about how to be the part of this package. The members of Amazon Prime can avail this offer as they pay the annual fee of Prime membership which cost $119. The delivery of prime Now is also free if the shopping exceeds the $50.

Amazon offers the delivery of the products of grocery, electronics, toys, household items, and pet supplies within two hours to Prime Now members.

Prime Now is not active in all area but will be expanded all over. The Amazon has designed a Prime Now app from which one can easily place an order. The prime now has no subscription charges. It is all free for all prime members.

You may return the order of Prime Now, go to your order, and click the return option. There should be given a reason for returning. Say something why you are returning. At the same time, your cash will be credited.

The packing and delivery of Prime Now are outstanding. The Amazon boy will deliver your items on your door. Every item will be properly packed and will be in a proper bag. If your order contains fresh items, the packing will be surrounded by dry ice or frozen water bottles.

Final Point

It will be great if Amazon has started this facility in your area, You will go for a subscription. Keeping in view the above benefits of Prime Now, everyone will desire to obtain items at home. It will be more useful if there is bad weather or if you are suffering from high fever and you are need of some urgent medicine or other household or cooking items, just go for it and get it within two hours.

Amazon Fresh
Amazon fresh is also the branch of Amazon that is designed for the goodwill of the customers. Order on amazon fresh will be delivered on the same day or the next day. You can avail the Amazon fresh subscription service for $15 per month. Amazon can also offer a free trial to you. If you liked it, you can subscribe to it.

Amazon fresh also offers you free delivery for $50 shopping. You can order produces on amazon fresh as it has a low price compared to Prime Now. You can select your desired items both in general and it produces. There is a large variety of items in produces with great quality.

Return in Amazon fresh is also so simple. Just go to the return page and enter all the necessary data they want. Your item will be returned safe and you will be credited with no return charges. There is no difference in delivery and packing of Amazon fresh and Prime Now. You will get your order in proper packing and as like Prime Now, if you ordered the fresh items, it will be delivered with cold dry ice with it. The delivery will be within the time frame specified during placing order.

Final point
The amazon fresh has amazing quality in itself. You can get the Amazon fresh if you are in the area where Amazon has these services. Just go for a trial base, and enjoy the Amazon technology.

Comparison between Prime Now and Amazon Fresh

If we compare the services of both the options, we will hardly select one as both have outstanding benefits. There is a little bit of difference between these two. Some of the people had said in the starting of Prime Now that both these packages will be merged after sometime. But it is not true because the Amazon is going to expand the Prime Now services in other areas.

People that have experienced both the packages, have found a small difference that you can get discounts on Prime Now. As Prime Now is only for the Prime members of Amazon so that is why they get a discount on some items which is the big things customers normally care of.