You know that for a few years now, you can listen to your favorite music wherever you go thanks to music streaming applications available on the market. Among these, the most known are Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Google Play Music. More recently, the online commerce giant Amazon has also launched its platform. It's called Amazon Music, and the rates are similar to those of the competitors. The difference is that Amazon has decided to offer free Amazon Music to its Amazon Prime subscribers. It's not the same content as Amazon Music Unlimited, but it's already interesting.
is Amazon music free with prime?

Is Amazon music free with prime

Many fans of online music have always asked this question in the past: is Amazon music free with prime? If you are on Amazon Prime, you already know that you can benefit from many free services against an annual subscription of 49 €: free delivery that same evening, access to the platforms Amazon Prime Video (video streaming) and Twitch Prime (video games), 5GB of Online storage for your photos (Amazon Drive) and many promos on Amazon.

But now, Amazon knows that to attract an even larger audience and retain current subscribers, they must offer new services. Amazon Prime Music is therefore added to this list of benefits. The interest is that you will access an important catalog without any advertising.This is not clear, but the goal is most likely to seduce you so that you subscribe to one of their paid offer. With the free offer for Amazon Prime subscribers, you get:

Up to 40 hours of listening per month without any advertising
A choice from more than 2 million titles
Access to playlists and stations prepared by Amazon
Access to an offline mode
Voice Command via Amazon Alexa

Since the application Amazon Music, you can of course, in addition to those proposed by Amazon experts, build your own playlists from the proposed titles or sought. The navigation between the different spaces is simple and intuitive, and for each title, a menu is available: switch to the playlist, to the album or the web page of the artist or buy titles of the same singer. As mentioned above, the song download is available for offline listening.

From the options, you can set the listening quality (automatic or 3 other choices), the connection mode allowed for listening - useful for small data packages - and even set a listening time to beyond which reading will stop. Another point to note, you can also control your Amazon prime Music from the web when you are on your computer for example.

Many configuration options with Amazon Prime music

At the top right of the Amazon Prime music interface, we have an icon that gives access to the Settings. There we can control several important aspects, such as the quality of the reproduction so that it spends more or less data and is heard with more or less quality. We can also change the access to data of the app, making the streaming is only operative in Wifi, so as not to waste too much data. There are more options, such as setting a timer for the app to close when a certain time passes.

A dark and simple interface

The interface is organized into four sections in the lower area:

Explore: where we will have the news, stations or playlists that we have created.

Recent: Here we can quickly access the last songs played, without having to search for them.

My Music: here we can find the music that we have locally in the mobile phone, and it is that from the application we can also listen to songs that are stored in our Smartphone.

Search: to see what music is available, we have this section, which will indicate if the results are within Amazon Prime Music or if we need to make an account in Unlimited mode.

In the middle of these four options, we have the playback button that we can press or slide up to show the album that is being listened to. If we click on the three points in the upper right corner, we can download songs, and in the broadcast icon, we can send the audio to a Chrome cast device.

Control from outside the application

Like any competent multimedia application in Amazon Prime Music, we can make use of the playback controls in three ways, as well as within the app:

Notifications: in the notifications, we will have one that will allow you to move forward and backward in addition to pausing the music.

Widget: The app installs a Widget in the system that we can use for the same as in the notifications as well as having a direct access to the app.

Oreo Shortcuts: If we keep pressing the icon of the app, we will also have more available options.

This new service is not an alternative for those who listen to a lot of music, several hours a day, but it is ideal for those who occasionally use a service of this type to travel or play sports.

In conclusion, it must be made clear that Amazon Prime Music is not an alternative to Google Play Music or Spotify since the number of hours we can listen to music varies. The Unlimited version does not have that limit although it costs 9.95 Euros per month when Amazon Prime Music is integrated into our account and has no added cost. We will have more than two million songs and hundreds of playlists and stations. In addition, we can download the songs to listen to them without connection to the Internet, an advantage with respect to the free versions of some rivals. In all, the regular question of music lovers: 'is Amazon music free with prime' tends to be answered as highlighted above.