There is no doubt about Amazon being the largest e-commerce retailing company in the world, regardless of anyone’s opinion the stats are there to prove them otherwise. It is a website that offers whatever goods or product you can think of all housed in its numerous warehouses; it has long since grown from just being a bookstore into the biggest online shopping store you can ever access for your needs. Amazon offers a lot of paid subscriptions with different services packaged into them. One of such paid subscription service is Amazon prime.
Amazon Prime 4K Movies List
Amazon prime is perhaps the best, biggest subscription plan the e-commerce giant offers. Subscribing to the package give you as customer access to a lot of service like:

· Free delivery; it also offers special two-hour delivery no matter how far you are from the nearest warehouse;

·  As a movie lover, the size of amazon prime 4k movies list will leave you speechless! Yes, movies that can be watched in 4k quality are that plenty;

·  Special access to stream and download music at no cost; and much more.

The benefits of having an Amazon prime subscription is wide and I will be reviewing it in this article.

  1. Amazon Prime Music
There is hardly anyone on this planet who does not have a genre of the song they can access and enjoy. Music can be a real mood changer and can provide an atmosphere to relax and rest or party and dance. Amazon Prime Music or as it is normally called Prime Music comes as an add-on after making the Amazon prime subscription. With Amazon prime, you are granted unlimited ad-free access to a database of over 2 million songs. You can either decide to stream them online using your phone or an apple watch or download them on your smartphone and listen to the offline.

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, Amazon also gives you a discount when you want to subscribe for another music-related service that does not come with the Prime subscription; in this case, I mean Amazon Music unlimited

  1. Movie and TV shows/programs(Prime Video)
The quality of the movies up for viewing as an Amazon prime subscriber is very impressive. The subscription plan offers blockbuster movies in 4K viewing! Five (5x) better than HD quality. As if that is not all the number of movies that are on amazon prime 4k movies list makes it worth every penny spent on the Subscription.

In fact, the Prime video ranks as a streaming service and competes actively with the likes of Netflix because it offers movies, TV series and even original movies and series for the satisfaction of its subscribers.

  1. Online shopping
Buying on Amazon has its benefits and disadvantages but with an Amazon Prime subscription, you are well set up on getting only the benefits. The benefits are discussed below:

· Impressive fast delivery: with Amazon Prime subscription, you don’t have to wait the days before your order is shipped to your doorstep. Within 2-hours you can get your order. In addition, you also get free delivery although it takes two days before you can receive the delivery while you have to pay a token for the 2-Hours package.

Note: The 2-hours delivery is subject to availability in your region. To be sure you can enjoy this service as an Amazon prime member, you would have to access the Amazon prime official website and confirm.

·  As an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can order groceries and other items you need for your domestic activities without incurring a delivery fee. You are also eligible to get free 2-hours delivery.

Note: you need to order a minimum of five related pantry items to qualify for the free delivery.

  1. Gaming
This is particularly good for gamers. With your prime subscription, you are eligible to play Five (5) game for free on Twitch. All you have to do is enable your twitch account for access to Prime Games.

Now with Prime, you don’t have to only watch these trending games as you can now play too. Not all, the games that are available changes every month! So it is a win-win situation for you.

  1. Huge Discounts and gifts
Amazon offers Amazon prime subscribers huge frequent discounts.

· As a subscriber, you can buy very expensive phones at discounted prices in a package called Amazon Exclusive Phones.

·  You are eligible to choose from a list of paid e-book for free every month on your Kindle app. The e-books on this list are limited in the sense that they might not be trending top e-books.

·  News: - As an Amazon Prime subscriber, as soon as you sign up for Amazon Prime, you are immediately given free Subscription to the Washington Post. As soon as the free subscriptions expire, you are granted over 50% discount for new monthly subscriptions. Businessmen and women and the working class citizens will particularly appreciate this discount.

  1. Cloud storage
It is no longer news that Amazon is actively competing with other giants that offer consumer services. It comes as no surprise then that Amazon has cloud storage for eligible customers.

To be eligible for the cloud storage, you need to have a Prime Subscription. Once you do that, you are given about 5 GB of space to store your pictures and photo in the cloud so that you can have more phone storage space. In addition, an application is available for your PC where you can back up your computer’s hard drive.

The above benefits are just the most important perks of being an Amazon prime subscriber. You really have nothing to fear as the Subscription service is really worth it. There are other subscription plans you can subscribe for that are not available in the Amazon prime package but are being offered by Amazon. The choice is yours, but you stand a chance of gaining a lot! So take action and if you come to the conclusion you need it, go for it.