As an android user, you must probably be curious about the title which is why you are reading this article. Unless you are disabled or you know or have a disabled friend or family, you definitely would be asking yourself what is Android Accessibility suite?

The Android accessibility suite is a collection of accessibility services that assists you when using your Android device. The implication of this is that with the accessibility suite, you do not have to see what is on your screen before you are able to use it. It is available for download on the play store.
All Android smartphones come with a mini accessibility suite that can be accessed in the settings menu of your Android device. The accessibility services were created with people with disabilities in mind. Because of these services, disabled people can now fully interact with an Android device without being hindered by their disabilities. This does not mean you can’t use it as a physically fit person, it simply means disabled people need it more. As a matter of fact, physically fit android users use it more than they think they do. If you have ever made your phone magnify by double tapping thrice on the screen in quick succession, you have used the accessibility service even though you are not with disabilities. In addition, there are a number of games and apps that have used the accessibility services to their advantage in order to create even better experiences for users.
The Android accessibility suite itself is an app and as stated earlier can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The app after downloading gives Android users access to the Accessibility menu, Talkback, Select to Speak and Switch Access. Having clarified that, the article can now move from what is Android accessibility suite to what are the benefits of using any of the services in the suite? Here are the benefits of using the accessibility services on the accessibility suite.

  1. Accessibility Menu
The accessibility menu is perhaps the only service option on the accessibility that is ….

Here are the things you can do in the accessibility menu:

· Magnification: This is one option that is particularly popular on the accessibility menu. This is because it is very useful for Android users who are visually impaired (especially Long-sighted people) in one way or the other.

The option allows the screen to be magnified or zoomed by tapping the screen three times in quick succession. It can also be disabled by a triple tap on the screen. In addition, if the option is turned on, you can also use your hand as a kind of lens to temporarily zoom your screen if you need to. This lens zooming can be done by tapping and holding the screen immediately.

·  Text to speech: This is another impressive option on the menu. The most important use of the text to speech is that it allows you to write using only voice recognition. To minimize the number of errors and increase the accuracy of the method, you should download the language pack of your country. This would ensure the AI is more familiar with how things are being spoken in your region/country.

· Auto-rotate screen: Really, who hasn’t used this option before? It allows you to rotate your android device from portrait to landscape. It is very useful when reading an ebook or watching a movie on the android.

Most of the popular games on Android devices also use this feature to deliver a more immersive gaming experience for Android users.

  1. TalkBack
TalkBack is an accessibility service that allows visually impaired people the ability to use the android device. This is because it sends Verbal, audio and vibrational messages to users so they can understand what is happening on the screen of their android. When an Android smartphone is first purchased, this feature is switched off. Thus, for visually impaired users to use the device, it has to be switched on. The TalkBack can be controlled from the accessibility suite. Everything about TalkBack can be controlled from the accessibility app; from the volume level to the speed at which the TalkBack is speaking to the kind of responses the Android should give in response to a prompt.

It should be noted that it is advisable to only use the Talkback when the user is on a headset or Bluetooth earpiece or at their house. This is because TalkBack can also speak sensitive information out loud. For example, passwords, security number, etc.

  1. Select to Speak
As the name implies, when this service is turned on through the accessibility suite app, anything you have on your screen will be read to you. Unlike the TalkBack, it is more of an abridged version that physically fit users can also use. This means there is no danger of any sensitive information being read out loud in the public.

  1. Explore by Touch
This is another service on the accessibility suite app and an added on feature of the TalkBack. It is essential for visually impaired users. When this feature is turned on, visually impaired users are given the opportunity to read books and novels on their android device. This means they do not have to wait for the release of the audio-book of an exciting novel. The can simply download it and read it using the Explore by Touch service.

  1. Switch Access
This is a service that gives users the chance to use a keyboard or any switch to interact with your smartphone without using the touch screen of your android device. It can be used through the accessibility suite app or accessed via the setting menu.