Nowadays, there is an increasing preference for social media-based messages i.e. sending messages over the internet to sending via the traditional SMS messaging. As much as this is true, SMS or text messages still perform very important roles in our life. For instance, even though banks send email alert messages to us, we will wait for the traditional text message alert. Furthermore, in most cases, SMS alerts get delivered faster than email alerts. In my opinion, the only reason why the traditional text messages are getting archaic is because of the SIM card limitation.I mean without the SIM card in your mobile device, text messaging is useless.

The ability to send text messages without the use of sim has been available for iOS device users for quite a while. Thanks to more advances being made in the Android market, it is now possible to get android text messages on PC. This can be done by using third party software on both the Android smartphone and the PC or by another incredible software program for Google. Yes!  I think it is safe to say that we really owe a lot of the amazing gadgets and software we use to Google. This article will show you how you can use the two aforementioned methods to send and receive android messages on your PC.

1. Using Google’s Android messages for web

This is the best risk-free most original way of getting android text messages on PC. The main function of Android messages for the web is so that Android users can sync messaging on their phone and PC easily. This is not restricted to personal computers alone, as long as it is a desktop device, you can send text messages using it. To do this you need to follow some steps:

· You need to download the “Android messages app”. You can easily do this by visiting the google playstore and search the name of the app in the search field.
· After installation on your mobile, you need to open the Android messages webpage on your pc or desktop device. Once the page loads, a QR code box will appear
· You need to then open your smartphone’s messages app and navigate to the settings overflow box.
· Next, you need to select “messages for web”. This would immediately initiate the camera of your smartphone. You can now point the camera at the code to scan it. Once it scans, it would automatically display your messages as if you were checking your messages on your phone.
·  Please note that if you would wish to continueto use the PC for text messaging, it is advisable that you check or tick the “Remember this computer” option.

The impressive thing about this method is how close it resembles the android text message app layout. You can now select messages you want to read or reply as the case may be. 

Note: You have to be connected to the internet for this method to work; both your phone and smartphone.

2.  Third-party software programs

Third party software is software that has to be installed but is not usually supported by Google. One good example of such software is the Pushbullet. The Pushbullet program works exactly like the “Android messages on the web”. The only difference is that it is the third party. To use this method, you need to:

· Install the Pushbullet app. The Pushbullet app is available on Google Play store and can also be downloaded by google searching it
· Once you have successfully installed the pushbullet app, you need to sign up for an account. Unless you have used this method before (you won’t be reading this if you have) you need to create an account
· Once you are done, You would then receive a prompt box asking you if you want to see your phone’s messages on the computer screen.
· Once you click yes, it would now ask for some permissions. Some of these permissions include access to your contacts, overwrite sleep and lots more. Once you grant it all these permissions, you would still see some prompts you need to activate or grant access. The key to it here is to painstakingly read everything before ticking it out. After doing this, you would receive a prompt message that states that you have to install the Pushbullet desktop program. You can do this by simply visiting the official webpage.
· Once you load the webpage, you need to immediately sign in. You have to use the details of the account you created on your smartphone here.
· Next, you need to choose the “Set up your computer” option. You would then have to download a pc application installer. Once you are done with the download, locate it and launch. You can then follow the normal way of installing an application on your devices. Once you are done with the installation, you should be good to go.

As before, these two methods are very dependent on the network connection of your phone.

· You can now launch the program on your pc.Now you need to select your mobile phone.You can do this by accessing the left side of the program’s page. Once your pc detects your phone, you can now select the SMS tab. Just like the Android messages for web, all your text messages would be listed here. You can now decide which content you want to read or delete.
· You can also install an extension for your PC browser so that you can use your browsers instead of the program