As a game or app developer, one of the most important driving force you have for building that software or app or program is because you want to make money with your skills. The rest is secondary. A game or app or software developer is someone who designs and creates video games, apps or software for smartphones, video game consoles, and computers. The deal in more than just creating a game or software, they do several programming in order to make it work. A software developer has to be very proficient in programming languages – Java, C++, etc. He or she must have a basic education in computer science, software engineering and many more.

It can then be inferred from above that being a developer is not one bit easy. It takes time, dedication, commitment and what have you to be a good and skillful one. Nowadays, it does not just do to be a developer, you have to have something that sets you apart.

Creating and developing an app or game for smartphones can be very lucrative if you do it right. The fact is as long as your developed game or app is unique in its own field, people will pay you to download it. There are different ways an app or game developer can make money from their app. The most important one is the app store of the device or smartphone you created or developed it for.

App stores are official go-to places where the users of a particular device can turn to, to download exclusive impressive content with ease. In addition, the app store also provides users of the device access to download movies, ebooks, etc.

The important things about this app stores are that as a developer before you complete uploading your game on the store, you can decide whether your app needs to be bought before users can download it. You could also make it free then to download. In this case, you can decide if you want to add in-app purchases to the app or game or if you want to make it free for all. As a result of all this, it is sometimes necessary to delete app from app store for Apple or delete app from google play store for android. This article will give you steps on how to successfully delete your app.

How to delete the app from the Apple app store

The apple app store is full of apps. There are a lot of redundant apps as well as good working top quality ones. Apple Store has taken steps to remove a huge chunk of the apps on their store. if you are reading this, it is definitely because you have an app on the Apple app store you want to delete. It is important you note that removing an app from the app store means you would not be able to restore the app or use the name of the app again. It is very important you know this. Also, it is better you remove your app from sale on the app store rather than delete it. If you remove it from the sale, the app would still be in your account, only users will not be able to see or download it. With this, you will be able to upload an update of the app or game with much ease. Below is how you can delete app from app store:

  1. iTunes Connect Account
If you want to delete your account, it would mean you already have an iTunes account. Since it is the first thing you need before you upload an app or game on the store. So log in to your iTunes account. There are a few things on the screen when you log in including Sales and Trends, iAd, Agreements, Tax, and Banking, etc.

Next, you need to click “My Apps”.

  1. Remove the app
The next thing is to delete the app itself but before you do that, you would have to remove it from the app store itself. In addition, you need to follow this step if you want to remove but not delete your app. A list of apps you developed and uploaded will be displayed on the new page that opens up.

You need to select the app you want to delete. The app will open up and you will see a lot of information about the app you already provided when uploading the app. You also get to see reviews about your app – how many people like it, complaints, etc.

You need to select the “pricing” option. From this option, you need to select if you want your app to be removed from only some regions or if you want a total removal.

Selecting only some regions means you would still have your app on the app store. To remove your app from all countries, you need to select “Deselect all”. You need to save this setting.

  1. Delete the app from the app store itself
Now go back to the app or game’s information. This is where you saw all the details of your app. You need to click “More”. It would reveal a dropdown menu. On this dropdown menu there are options like transfer app, about this app, Delete app, etc. Select Delete app. Once you do this, you will get a prompt message saying “Are you sure you want to delete XXXX app?" There you get to delete the app. The app will be removed from all app stores.