Amazon in a brief- Amazon is fulfilling all our needs in such a modern way. There are hundreds of our need available at Amazon and you will easily get that in a normal way. There is no art in using Amazon services. Like all other platforms, Amazon is also much easier to avail its services. Amazon is not only fulfilling our basic needs but also provides us the services of enjoyment in various ways. It is not all free but there are a lot of things you want to pay for it just to get some enjoyment whenever you want.

Amazon has taken this concern and have an option of online streaming or downloading or purchasing your desired music, comedy shows, movies, and much more items make available for you whenever and wherever you want to listen or to watch. There is a specific category of Music, TV, and video that are just created for those who are the fans of Music.

As per Amazon policy, if you place your order on Amazon, it will be delivered to you within two business days. But for the better satisfaction of the customers, Amazon introduced the services of Amazon Prime.
Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is currently active is some specific area. As it is a new service introduced by Amazon, So it will take time to be publically available in all the area. It has a trial service for 30 days and also paid membership for prime. All you can get from Amazon prime is grocery, Music, pet supplies and much more. Within a short time of its activeness, it was appreciated by the customers and have got remarkable remarks in return.

Amazon prime has the outstanding service of delivery. It takes only two hours to get your order at your door which is beyond Excellency. In a normal situation, one cannot determine the value of this so fast delivery until he faces some emergency. Amazon Prime membership is $119 per annum and it is quite a low cost for availing such an outstanding service.

If you order for any type of product, you will get fully packed and will receive it in a proper Amazon bag. If something you ordered is fresh, it will be packed with dry ice or frozen bottles so that its freshness is maintained.

Amazon prime also gives the service of return or replacement of the product. If you found your product damage or changed or if you do not want the product while delivered to you, you can return or replace the product. Just go to the Amazon page and apply for return/replace. There you will give a genuine reason for why you return it. The Amazon boy will get the product from your door and will give you a receipt. The receipt will work till you get your cash back.

Customer review on Amazon Prime

By reviewing the customer’s comments, someone has shared that she has three kids and they all were suffering from fewer one night. There was raining outside and she was the only single parent of her three kids at that time. So, she ordered for medicine on amazon prime. She then was so impressed and thankful to amazon prime as she has got the required medicine within no time and in such a critical situation. She has then strongly recommended the amazon prime to use it.

Another customer has also shared her idea that actually when a customer is in need of a product or item, he goes to market and buy it there and on the same spot, the product handover to the customer. But while shopping from Amazon, when she used to buy products on Amazon, it took three days to deliver to the home. So she told that when you give money for the product and you receive it after three days, the whole spirit to the product vanishes. You will have not in a position, of what you were before three days, for that particular product.

Audible Use

There is an app called audible app that is introduced by amazon prime. It allows you to listen to your audio content, music, and shows. It is usable by all the android mobiles and tablets. Just download it and make an account on this audible. You will have the access to all the music you want to listen to. But as it is for amazon prime so it is currently not available in all the area of Amazon. It will be later active if the proper satisfaction of customers in the already active areas.

Audible membership with amazon prime

You can apply for the audible membership with amazon prime. You can also have the option of audible free with amazon prime. It is in a trial period for 30 days. From audible membership, you will get one audiobook and two original depending on your choice from amazon prime each month. You can also exchange if you don’t like the audiobook you get every month. There are no charges of exchanging audiobook. The audiobook will be for you for a lifetime. You can also cancel at anytime if you don’t require it anymore. In the trial period, the amazon prime will offer you two audiobooks and two audio originals in your thirty days free membership.

Amazon prime also offers a special three months free trial for prime members. It means, that the audible free with amazon prime for prime members for three months. Download the audible app and make an account on it. You will enjoy this app by listening to your favorite audio-books and also the Amazon natural audio podcasts. The audio includes talk shows, fiction short stories, comedy and also it has audio articles of various publications. The amazon prime members were first assisted by free videos and kindle e-books which was a great deal for the prime members. As Amazon offers its own in-house video production which helps in live streaming of videos. Now the same offer has been introduced in audio. The audible has also the same features as for videos. It is also quite good for the audio listener.