Perhaps the largest online retailing company in the world, Amazon has been around for years and will continue to be. The amount of sales made by the e-commerce giant is almost unbelievable. Amazon is not known for just retailing goods or products for sale, it is known for its large amount of employees. Like any other company or platform in that deals in e-commerce, working for Amazon can be pretty challenging but on the long run, it can be observed that the benefits of working at amazon far outweigh the bad.  
Benefits Of Working At Amazon
Amazon’s job providing scheme is very amazing and truly massive, it is known to regularly reach out to the public and pull in more workforce. What makes it even more easier to join the Amazon workforce is that you can choose to work either as a Part-time staff which involves working at the comfort of your home as a customer care representative to help others solve issues they are encountering or as full-time staff whose place of work is in one amazon’s numerous warehouses or in the delivery system. The benefits are available for both type of employment and this article was created to discuss the benefits of working at amazon that makes it such a hub for people in need of a steady inflow stream of cash.

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Amazon’s Career Choice program

This is one vital perk about being an Amazon employee I can’t but mention. It is exclusively for part-time workers who are mostly students but are still pursuing a degree or trying to learn new skills while working for Amazon. This is solely for students who are working as part-time staff at Amazon although you have to have been employed for more than a year at the very least. The Amazon’s Career choice program is a program that pays for over 95% of a student employee’s tuition, it would also cover over 90% of other expenses like buying school books; what other benefit is better than this for a student? Apart from the Career choice program, a student will also be privileged to receive a minimum wage, life insurance, etc. as long as he is able to get in over 20hrs of work time per week. It sure sounds like being a part-time worker is gem right? You will then be more surprised to learn that being a Full-time staff also has its own added fantastic advantage over part-time workers as would be seen below:

Health Insurance

Amazon has over 5 different medical plan options to choose from. With this health insurance, you are guaranteed a health savings account where you and Amazon will jointly make contributions into. The impressive thing about Health insurance is that you get to decide the Health provider closes to you.

Amazon workers are also entitled to have medical check-ups or consultation when they feel like or for emergencies albeit at a very small charge or fee should you want to speak to an expert i.e. you can speak to a nurse or matron for no fee at all. The good thing about this is that it is a 24/7 arrangement for workers.

Life Insurance

Amazon offers life insurance to its employee. There is two life insurance plan:

Life and Accidental Death insurance – this is especially for those in the transport and delivery department. Amazon offers you the chance to insure your life and even your family should in case. This is totally a huge add-on for staffs. Accidents can arise at times that can either threaten an individual’s life or leave them disabled. It is, therefore, a big advantage to have a back-up plan.

401k savings Plan – This is also known as the retirement plan. Amazon offers its employees the chance of backing themselves up for their post-working life. All you need to do is a request for the 401K plan, choose how much contributions you want to make into the insurance and start making contributions. The main side attraction of doing this is that the 401K contributions can be deducted from your monthly income even before paying your tax. This means that the 401K plan offers you value for your money as it won’t be reduced by a tax deduction.

Note: Doing this will mean you have a smaller take-home paycheck

Maternity Leave

As an employee, Amazon allows you the chance of having a fully paid maternity leave. Before an employee can enjoy this benefit, he/she has to have had over a year continuous service with Amazon. Thus, workers who are expecting a baby or hoping to adopt one now has one less thing to worry about. The Maternity leave has two plan to choose from

Leave share – This is a new plan that is probably unique to Amazon. Employees are given the choice of sharing their benefit with their partner. This means Amazon offers female employees who are pregnant paid salaries even while on leave. Amazon is probably the only company who offers this sort of arrangement and it is unbelievable. Honestly!

Ramp Back – this is another impressive offer that makes Amazon stand out. The Ramp back program allows employees who are new parents to determine and decide how they want their schedule to be for the first two (2) months of returning to work. Not just this, they are also entitled to enjoy reduced working hours for the period of the said two (2) month.

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Discount, Leaves and Holiday-working incentive

Amazon offers its employees the choice of deciding whether they want to work on holiday days. Employees who put into work on these ‘day-offs’ are giving added bonus payment on their paycheck.

Amazon employees also receive huge discounts on the products that are being sold by Amazon although it is an annual program.

Amazon encourages its employees to make the most of their accumulated leave time to explore other aspects of the world. They are also paid while on leave thus it is a win-win situation

Conclusively, working at Amazon gives you more experience and helps you develop yourself. What is more fun than that?