The battle to gain dominance in the tech market is very fiercely contested by many brilliant inventions by many different brands. The only part of the tech market not contested is perhaps the Smartphone market. This is because only the Android and Apple devices compete for more spotlight here. Android smartphones are more largely preferred partly due to their flexibility and choice. The only other reason they beat Apple devices at the game is that they are extremely cheap when compared to the Apple devices. Apple devices are known for their exorbitant prices and very specific software options that are only available for them.

Starting up an Android smartphone can be very stressful because there are a lot of apps available for installation. Smartphone apps are created for various reasons and purpose. This article will highlight some of the best security app android, best writing app android, best launcher app android and lots more categories.

  1. Best writing apps
Getting the best writing apps android can be very daunting. Accessing the google play store for writing apps will bring up more search results than you can read finish. A large number of apps available for download can lead to downloading a less productive app. Listed below are some of the best apps you can find on the play store:

·  Microsoft word: this is perhaps the best app for writing and creating a document on your android smartphone. Microsoft has perfected the art of creating documents on personal computers, it is only right that they have the best android app too.

·  Swiftkey: this is also a writing app. It is a keyboard that can overwrite the keyboard that comes with Android smartphones. The advantage of using this keyboard is in its abilities. It comes with an intelligent autocorrect that makes sure you are grammatically correct and faster when typing. Swiftkey can make your typing a very fun thing to do. It has the ability to check online and record new phrases, slangs, and nicknames that are in current use. It also records the phrases and slangs you frequently use. There is also the feature to customize your keyboard with cool custom themes and more personal ones.

·  Evernote: this is one of my favorite writing apps. With Evernote, you can jot down important information and store them. What I find particularly impressive about it is that it allows me to sort my documents and label them with captions while also grouping them i.e. tagging them. I never use this feature, but it says on the app description that it allows syncing across multiple devices including pc. The app also comes with a paid subscription option that allows you to use your Evernote account with other third-party apps.

  1. Best launcher app
·  Nova Launcher: The Nova launcher allows you to do a lot of impressive things. It is one of the best Android launchers in the android play store. With the Nova app, you can totally redesign your Android smartphone interface. In addition, the launcher allows you to edit your home screen, change the size of your phone’s icon and lots more.There is a premium plan that allows you to customize the launcher itself.
  1. Best miscellaneous apps
These are apps that can be used for a specific task but I decided to add under this category because of personal reasons:

· Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus: This mobile device offers a lot of features and ability. It is antivirus software that offers protection for your phone. It also has a tracker and web shield that protects you while surfing the internet. There is also an anti-theft feature on the app that allows you to locate and track your phone if stolen.

· Alarmy (Sleep if U can): this app is simply terrific especially for deep sleepers. There is no way you can download this app and complain of ever sleeping too late into the day or missing an appointment because you overslept. Alarmy makes you do specific hard tasks before you can stop it ringing.

· Xender: this is a very important app if you have an Android smartphone; in fact, it is very essential. It allows you to share big files at very high speed. It is faster than Bluetooth and only matched by a few apps.

·  Google Assistant: this is an AI assistant that was created by Google for android phones to match Apple devices own Siri. There are a lot of things the Google Assistant can do for you. In addition, the google assistant can be interacted with using voice commands which makes it even more impressive.

· Camscanner: This app comes preinstalled with some Android devices. As the name implies, it is a slick app that lets you snap pictures of a document and create a document (soft copy) for your comfort. The app comes with a premium plan that allows you, even more, features and ability. One feature is that it allows you to search for a processed document using images.

· VLC player: The app allows you to play music and movies on your smartphone smoother than the video player that comes pre-installed with your Android device. VLC Player can play lots and lots of different file format and it is always a handy app to have on your phone. It also allows you to stream videos and music online.

·  Dropbox: This is one of the best file sharing the app on the internet. It also gives you a cloud storage space of 2GB for storing your documents and other important files. Dropbox allows you to sync files between devices you own. There is a monthly premium plan that offers up to 1TB of cloud storage.