Mobile Introduction

In this modern age of telecommunication, almost everyone has a mobile phone, either android or iPhone and windows mobiles. All such mobile phones have made the life of a human being very easy and comfortable. If you have to go somewhere, you can check the location from your mobiles before going to that place. Similarly, you can contact a person in any corner of the world by using this mobile phone. As you have to pay charges for these calls but if look for the facility, the charges are not a big deal. You will be free of physical tiredness.

Almost everything is possible from these mobile phones. It is sometimes a TV, Sometimes Computer and sometimes mobile for you. It has all the features of audio and video systems. Every android mobile has a built-in space which is enough for the user to store his/her personal information in it. Beside it, you can also add a storage card to the mobile depending on the compatibility of your mobile system.

Most of the mobile system has a variety of options that a user can avail it when its need comes.
All these facilities can be obtained if someone is updated to the telecommunication technology and also in Information Technology. In this article, you will learn about the blocking of the rising issue of unknown calls. There are a lot of people who receive unwanted and unknown calls at any time in day and night which disturbs the routine life and also have the fear that who is behind this. To avoid such activities, bear with this article and you will get some useful information.

Unknown calls issue

If you are using android mobile, you will face the issues of unknown callers. This is the old practice. In the past, there was no option in the mobiles or telephones to block the unknown calls by yourself. That time users had to suffer from the unknown calls but as there is no option to block so they had to tolerate such dull matters.

Today, if someone calls you from an unknown number, you can easily block that number. There are many ways to block unknown call on android. some androids of old version have not the built-in the facility of blocking the numbers. But the latest version androids have a lot of option including blocking unknown or unwanted numbers.

Block unknown call on android through android app

Especially for old version mobiles, you have to install blocking the app from google store. There are a variety of apps designed for such services. You can download one of the apps and run it on your android. During installation, it will require your name and email address and your number. It is not necessary to provide such information. You can go by skipping this step. Open the app, and go to the contacts if you receive calls and if you receive SMS, you will open the SMS. There you will see the unknown number, if this is a registered number, the name and photo of the owner of the number will appear on the screen. If the number is not registered, only the number will appear. You will simply press the number and a menu will appear. There you will see the block button. Just press that and you will be free from calling.

The older version user is required to use the app that has a high rating and check the reviews before installing it. As there are a variety of apps and every app is not so compatible with each mobile. Some have a large size, while some have affected the mobile by a virus. It will slow your mobile and will ultimately loss of mobile.

Blocking calls from built-in option

For the latest version of Android, There is a built-in function of blocking an unknown number. Just go to the setting, there you will see the vertically three dots at the corner of mobile. Click on that dots, a menu will be open for you. click the setting button. In setting, click the call blocking or block number. Add the number there, and that number will be no more accessible to your android. As there are a variety of android mobiles, some mobiles have a different user interface and different icons. But all have the same options and functions. Just go through all the related options and you will get rid of the unknown number.

In these latest versions, you can block the number from the call log, messages and also from call settings. If you want to block more than one number, enter the numbers one by one and repeat the process. In some mobiles, you can add a list of numbers and block the group of numbers at once on one click. There is an app that is directly connected when you receive a call or when you are calling to someone. If you haven’t seen his name, the app will help you with the name and detail of that number.

Try not to install the app for blocking a number in latest version androids. As it has already the built-in the facility. Installing an app can cause some time viruses which is harmful to mobiles and your data.

The final thoughts

After studying the whole article, you will be able to block unknown calls on android easily. This article has shown you various methods, so apply one of the methods according to your mobile version. As the version of mobile really matters, so don’t worry if you haven’t the built-in option in your android. As the article tells that there are a lot of apps introduced by Google. You can use one of it with the best rating and reviews so that your mobile and your personal data will also be safe. So go for the best app and get rid of unknown calls and SMS.