The way technology is hell-bent on outdoing itself is just marvelous to watch. The fact that new gadgets are always being released to make human daily lives more convenient as it can get is what makes us love it truly. There are so many impressive gadgets that no matter how learned you are, technology has something for you.

Bluetooth headphones have been around for quite some time now. It has successfully sent wired earpiece and wired headset out of the market. Although people still go for the wired stuff once in a while, it is most likely because they want to themselves. Bluetooth since its invention has truly made life better. There was a time when you had to always buy wired gamepads because the wire in one has somehow short-circuited. I have a Bluetooth gamepad I have been using for over 1 year now. It would definitely have not been the case had I bought a wired Ucom gamepad. This article will answer some question number you have about using this Bluetooth device when traveling.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones on planes?

Yes and No. Bluetooth is considered a dangerous device when on a plane. This is because Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, internet connection all have the ability to interfere with the technical running of a plane. The implication of this is that if used, it can be very dangerous.

Some airlines allow you to use Bluetooth headphones on their plane. To do this though, you have to get a low powered Bluetooth headphone and also follow some rules. The rules are that, if you want to use the Bluetooth headphone on a plan, it has to be used only:

When the plane is in the air. This means that you cannot use the headphones when the airplane is in the airport or about to taxi down the runway in order to take off. In fact, at that moment it is required of you to make sure your phone is in airplane mode. In addition, you also can’t use the Bluetooth headphone when the plane is about to land. Apart from those two key moments, the Bluetooth is available for use.

If your phone is in airplane mode. There are a few airlines that allow you to use your Bluetooth device – headphones as long as your smartphone device’s Bluetooth is in the airplane mode because of all these technicalities and human being’s natural disposition to breaking rules, it is understandable then that there are some airlines that do not allow their passengers to travel using any tech device that is bigger than a smartphone. Yes, this means that even though some headphones use wires and even some Bluetooth ones use wires, they are still not allowed on the airplane. As a rule, Bluetooth is generally not allowed by most airlines, the best thing you can do to avoid unnecessary disappointment and embarrassment is to message your airline and ask if you can use the noise canceling device.

Having clarified that, it is important you note that even if your airline allows the use of Bluetooth headphones, you need to have your smartphone on airplane mode. In more cases, it is important to that you consider using Bluetooth earbuds as to headphones before making the journey.

Can you use Bluetooth headphones on planes that come with inbuilt flight entertainment?

Yes, you can. If you are a music or movie freak, it can be very daunting trying to sit down on a plane for long hours when you can use your smartphone to entertain yourself. There are planes that come with in-flight entertainment provision for people on the flight to enjoy. With this provision, there are a few tweaks you can do to maximize the experience. One of these is that you are allowed to use your headphone. Whether it is a Bluetooth enabled one or a wired one, you simply need to pair your headphone with the plane and you are good to go. These can totally come handy when you are engaging in very long journeys.

Conclusive words

It is important that you know the way the airline you want to fly on addresses the use of headphones. You can do this by checking with them on their website or by placing a call to the airline to know their stand on using the device. You can also visit the airport in person to make the necessary inquiries. Depending on how important it is to you, you can take the decision of choosing an airline that allows it.

As an alternative, you can choose to get a wired earpiece. The earpiece has been in commission for quite some time now and while Bluetooth earpiece is slowly taking the market from wired ones, they are still very much around. In fact, when you unbox a new phone, one of the things you look forward to seeing is how loud the earpiece is. Thus, to be on a safer side, you can simply visit a local store and get yourself a safer device –earpiece. In addition, using the earpiece does not necessarily mean you are wasting money when you have something better. This is because the wired earpiece can serve you as much as the Bluetooth device would. The choice is yours. Having a long hour flight can be stressful, the best you can do is make the flight can comfortable for yourself as you can get it. Hopefully, I have been able to answer your question “can you use Bluetooth headphones on planes?” Safe flight!