The app store is home to tons of apps, well over 1 million apps. It is the go-to place for all iOS mobile device users. There are a lot of apps on the iPhone that are just wow. As a result of this, the app store is filled with both good and bad ones. There is almost nothing that does not have its fault in this world, as a result, it is no surprise that the apple app store has a few glitches. There are instances of iPhone and iPad users who claim and complain online that “app store wont let me download apps”. This is especially common among iOS device users whose device work on the iOS 12/11 version. The truth is this kind of situation only arise when something is wrong with your iPhone – might be a software glitch or just a bug. This article will focus on iPhone users using the iOS 12/11 version. It will explain some solutions if carefully followed, will fix any bug your iPhone or iPad has. Thus, you will have how you can download apps on the apple play store without getting the failed attempt you got before.

Please note you can try the solutions given here in any order you want. It is totally up to you!

Force stop or refresh cache data of your app store

This can help clear any glitch your app store might be experiencing. To do this, simply start your app store app and tap any of the navigation buttons ten (10) times. This would automatically clear any cached data.

You can also choose to force quit your app store and see if it clears the bug. To do this, you need to tap your home button twice. Next, slide to your app store app, then swipe up and your app store will force quit itself.

iPhone reboot

This is perhaps one of the oldest methods of clearing an error or glitch on any device. It works for iPhones too. Simply long press the wake/sleep button on your iPhone. You should see some power options on your screen. Simply swipe from left to right on your screen. This will shut down your device. Once the phone’s screen goes dark, hold on to the power button together with the home button. Once the screen comes on again, the reboot is complete. Try to access the store and see if you can now download. If not then you can proceed to try the other steps.

Network connection

At times, it’s the little things we fail to notice that do the most damage. Your iPhone not being able to download from the app store might be because your cellular connection is not working as it should. Hence, you need to reset it.

To do this, go to the settings menu of your iPhone, then tap the General option. This would bring another list of options, select the “Reset” option and you will have a host of things you can reset. Tap on “Reset Network Settings”. This will bring a prompt to enter your passcode. Once you enter the passcode, your iPhone’s network settings will be reset.

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection and you can get to the router, simply reset the router and reconnect to the Wi-Fi. If you cannot access the router, the best you can do is switch to cellular data. Then access the app store using it.

iPhone reset

Before you try to factory reset your phone, you need to try out the following steps as resetting your iPhone can be strenuous. This is because you need to back up your phone before going through with the process.

Check the device’s app server: sometimes, something might be wrong with the server. To do this, simply go to “System Status Webpage” on your device and see. If something is wrong you will get a notification saying just that.

Sign out your account: this is the second thing you should do before considering a full device reset. Simply log in to your iTunes app and sign out. same goes for your App store. sign out then try signing in again.

To do this, in case you do not know, simply go to the settings menu on your iTunes or app store app. Your Apple ID will be displayed on the screen. Tap it and you would see the sign out option

To sign in again, you need to tap the same settings menu but here, you will now sign in with your account ID and password

Check for Updates: This is the last thing you should do before considering your device’s reset. To do this, navigate to the settings tab of your iOS device and tap the “General” option. You should see the “Software Update” option. Tap this and your device will check if there is any new update. If there is, simply tap the “Download and Install” option to start the update.

If all else fails i.e. all the solutions listed above, an iPhone or iPad reset will suffice. It should be said that before doing this, you should back up your data to the cloud so as to avoid losing unnecessary data.

Once you do that, you need to go to the Settings menu – your iOS device’s settings. Select the “General option”. Next, scroll until you see “Reset”. After which you can then tap the “Reset All Content and Settings” option.

Hopefully, you got the steps above correctly. If you do, then even if the bug comes up again, you can be rest assured you know how to solve the app store wont let me download apps issue.