Ever had a friend or family gift you an iTunes Gift Card and you wonder how you can use it or have you ever been faced with the question “can you use amazon gift card anywhere?” At one point or the other, we would have come across or heard of different Gift Cards. These little darlings come in different denominations ranging from $10 to as much as $200. The currency also differs based on the region you claimed the card.
Can You Use Amazon Gift Card Anywhere
The emergence of the gifts card is has taken online shopping and e-commerce as a whole to New hunting grounds. Gone are the days when you might be confused about what kind of gift to get someone you care about or someone in your family. With gifts card,  you can simply send he or she a gift card and let the individual decide what he or she wants to gift his or herself. There is a large number of companies that have their own special gifts card which can only be used on their website or online platform; shopping and buying online has never been easier. There are a lot of Gift Card and I will discuss them while also highlighting the uses of some important ones.

1.      iTunes Gift card
Made by Apple company. A quick look at the inscription on an iTunes Gift Card tells you all you need to know about it’s uses. The caption captures everything you can do with an iTunes Gift Card. The following are the most important uses of iTunes gift card:

·  Shop on the Apple store: with the gifts card,  you can buy any gadget you want on apple website store without paying a dime as long as your iTunes card is valid.

·  Make subscriptions: iTunes Gifts card is perhaps one of the few gifts cards that can be used almost anywhere! You can use it to buy a game, make in-game payments, renew your subscription on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu,  etc. The gifts card can also be used to buy anything on the iTunes Store including iTunes songs where only Premium tracks are available for download

2. Netflix Gift Card
Netflix is a streaming network with quality content if you have the time to sift through the tons of Movies, TV series and original movies it hosts. Netflix Gift Card was made to serve only one function -pay for your Netflix Subscription without using your credit card. Netflix Gift Card is available at various retail shops including online retail shops like Amazon, Google Play Store, Apple Store, eBay, etc. You can also gift friends, family and partner a Netflix Gift Card and it would be very appreciated.

3. Amazon Gift card
The answer is No! This is a technical answer to the question “can you use amazon gift card anywhere?” Basically, Amazon card is only of value on the website and can only be used for Purchases on the website. You might find means of converting your Gift Card to money but Amazon is not responsible and cannot help you should something unforeseen happen. With the Amazon Gift Card you can:

·  Sign up for any service being rendered by Amazon: with only your Amazon card, you can renew any of your subscriptions to continue enjoying the service without having to rip out your credit card to complete the transaction.

·  Simply gifting a friend: You can simply send an Amazon Gift Card as a gift and it would be very appreciated.

4. Google Play Gift card
Any Android user who has accessed the Google app play store must have seen the option to use a gift card while making a purchase. Google Play Gift cards only work on the app but it does not make it any less useful. Google Play Store is the largest App Store in the world! Forget the Apple App store. In addition, Google Play Store also has both free and premium music, books and movies which can be paid for using the gifts card. Gifting someone who uses an Android phone would definitely be appreciated

5. eBay gift card
eBay gift cards can also be used only for purchases from eBay. These gift cards can be bought online or at some local stores. eBay gift cards can also be gifted to loved ones.

6. Visa Gift card

Unlike the other gift cards mentioned on this list, Visa Gift Card is strictly non-reloadable cards. As soon as you activate or redeem the Visa Gift Card and fund it, you are unable to do this again. You can add up to $5000 on your Visa Gift Card. The uses of Visa Gift cards are just like that of a credit or debit card.

·  Payment: - Visa Gift Card can be used as credit or debit cards! You can use it on any online platform that supports Visa payments.

·  Financial security:- Visa Gift Cards protect owners in its own way. With the Gift Card, you don’t have to worry about your personal credit balance since the Gift Card has a fixed balance.

Visa Gift Card can be ordered from Visa company itself and you can have more than one gift card. Visa Gift Card has an expiry date and should be noted. If your Gift Card expires before you finish using the funds loaded on it, you should consider the funds forfeited. Also once the balance of the Gift Card reaches $0 it has expired and should be destroyed.

7. Walmart Gift card

Walmart is a retail company that sells its products both online and offline(in stores). When making purchases online or visit a Walmart store,  your purchases might come with a gift card albeit an empty one until you add money on it. Walmart can only be used when making purchases from Walmart! Even when you add money to a gift card and gift it to somebody,  he or she can only use the card in a Walmart store or while placing orders online.