Amazon, the largest marketplace, where you can buy everything you need for your daily life survival. Amazon is the only platform, where you, at any time, can get your desired items on your door with no delivery charges if your ordered items are above $50. You can also return your ordered items within the stipulated time specified by the Amazon. If you replace your item, the item will be replaced for you and if you want to refund the amount, you will be credited the full amount. Due to such services, Amazon has an outstanding image in the market and has maintained it for a long period.

Amazon has been introducing new features and options from time to time for the betterment of its own business as well as for the relaxation of the customers. As there comes up gradation in each service, so it is mandatory for any business to modify their businesses after sometimes. Amazon has introduced Amazon Prime, Prim Now and Amazon fresh with a passage of time. These are such big achievement of Amazon as it has increased in the number of customers and has made the Amazon business up to the mark.

This article is all about how to cancel Amazon prime on the app? You will get all the useful information regarding what is Amazon Prime and how to cancel the facility of Amazon prime on the app.

Introduction of Amazon Prime

The Amazon prime has satisfied the customers so much as by availing such services, you will get your order within two hours whether it is day or night, rain or storm, you will get your order on time. You can order products of grocery, electronics, toys, household items, and pet supplies and will get within two hours.

One more thing special about prime is that it offers 30 days trial for everyone who wants to avail. In the trial period, you will get all such facilities as for the paid members. After successful completion of the trial period, you will be notified by the Amazon, and if you have connected your credit account to Amazon, the prime paid services will be started automatically. The annual paid membership cost $119.And you know, the packing of Amazon prime is too good. Some of the customers have shared their experiences on various platforms that they receive their orders well packed and if they order for fresh items, the customers get such order in cold dry ice or frozen bottles which is a very very good thing. So it is a decent way to get your order so quickly and in a good form.

If you do not find your order as you ordered or if the order you selected has been damaged during delivery, you can return it by applying for return on the website. The Amazon boy will come to your door and collect the item.

It is also necessary to mention that the Amazon prime services are not available in all the area. This service is available in the US only at this time as it is a new feature and Amazon wants to fully test it in a short area that if something wrong happens, the rectification is easy to resolve. But as per reviews of the customers, it seems that it will be started soon in all other areas as it is the most decent way of shopping products from Amazon.

Some of the rumors spread about the Amazon prime that it will be merged with Amazon fresh as both have almost the same services but there is no decision taken by the Amazon yet. Actually, it was introduced due to the time taken by the delivery of Amazon product. Amazon had been delivering the products within two business days due to which most of the customers have the problem of getting their desired products late. So, the Amazon then introduced the Amazon prime which has speculated the customers that they even think about the two hours delivery which is beyond their thinking. So much fast service Amazon gives to the customers.

Canceling your Amazon prime on app

If you have tried the Amazon prime services, either as a paid member or on trial basis and you now want to cancel this service, you can cancel it anytime from the web and also from Amazon prime app.

Follow the simple steps of cancellation and your account for prime will be deactivated. On the cancellation page, Amazon still gives you an option to review the benefits of prime. As most of the time, customers change its plan, so it is a better option available for customers to make a final step.

If you are a trial member and you want to cancel it. You will get two options. One cancels the membership and End the membership. So if you cancel the membership, you will be getting off form the services if there is a time in the trial period. And, if you select the End Membership, you will be facilitated from the services until the trial period ends.

Similarly, for paid members, if you are the paid member and want to quit the membership, you will also find both options for you. If you cancel the service, you will be refunded the remaining amount you paid for a membership that is $119. Amazon is very honest in this case, you will be refunded the amount you did not avail the services for. If you click the end membership button, you will avail the services until the subscription fee completes the services charges.

For how to cancel Amazon prime on the app, it is also the same process, as on the web.  Normally, the app is introduced just for the comfort of customers. It has all the options as on the web. But it is available on your mobile and you will get the benefit of the Amazon services from anywhere and at anytime.