Are you looking for more information about how to cancel pandora premium subscription on android? Then you are at right place. In this article, I will sort out all your queries and questions related this issue. Pandora is a nice music streaming service up there with the likes of Spotify, iTunes, etc. Pandora comes with two premium paid subscription package.
  • Pandora Plus: which allows you unlimited stream and ability to skip any song you don’t want to listen to
  • Pandora Premium: which offers you add free experience streaming music while also giving you the ability to download as much as you want on the mobile app
These packages are monthly based subscriptions and are sincerely worth the money, but if you find yourself wondering how to cancel Pandora premium subscription on android then you are in the right place. Paying for the subscription is okay, not enjoying it makes you wonder if you really need it. Canceling your premium subscription can be a tricky thing to do as there is no precise laid down way of doing it. However, if you want to know how to cancel Pandora premium subscription on Android, we have three ways for you to go about it:

Using Pandora’s Official website (if you signed up with the website)

You can cancel your monthly premium subscription by using the pandora’s desktop web page. This can be done by following the steps below

· Access the Pandora official website by typing in the address or by googling it. If you are a premium user, it would definitely mean you have accessed the site more than once. Thus, it can be assumed that you know the webpage address.

·  Once you are on the page, you should “log in”. like I said, if you are an active user who is looking to cancel his or her premium subscription, it would mean you are always logged in. But for users who mostly use their subscription via the mobile app, you need to log in your account.

·  Navigate to the settings page of your Pandora account. To do this, you need to click the “profile icon” which is usually at the top right corner of the webpage and select settings.

· You would find a number of options on the overflow dialog box that will pop up when you select “settings”.

·  Select Subscription and click “switch plans”. Once you do this, you would be provided information about the active subscription plan you are on.

· Lastly, Scroll down until you are almost at the bottom of the page, you would see the “Cancel Subscription” option. You would then be asked to enter your password so as to ensure you are aware of the cancellation.

·  Once you do that, there would be a small survey for you to answer about your experience with the app. It is important to note that the small survey does not always come up. Mostly when you cancel the subscription, the process stops there

Using Android’s Google Play

If you are reading this method and about follow the steps, it would mean you did not create your account on Pandora’s website. To cancel your subscription, you need to:

· Open the Google play app and navigate to the menu. Once you do this, you are almost done.

· Select Account from this dialog box. Scroll down until you see the “Subscription” option. Once you see it, tap it once and it will bring a list of all the subscriptions you have active with google. It is now up to you to decide which subscription you want to disable and which one you would leave untouched.

·  Once you do this, it is usually all. But at times, you might receive some message prompts to confirm you really want to cancel the package.

Using Roku

Roku is a box that supports streaming services and helps to bypass the no chromecast issue people who have Amazon prime subscription face. You can also connect your Roku to stream music online. How do you cancel your subscription using Roku?

·  The first thing you need to do in this instance is to Open the Roku player home screen. You can do this by pressing the home button on the remote. Since you have been using the Roku for some time, you should have some knowledge about how to move through the Roku.

· The Roku as said before hosts a large number of channels. Thus, you need to find the Pandora streaming service channel. Next thing here is to cancel the subscription.

· You can do that by highlighting Pandora and navigating to the options section.

·  Next, you need to select “manage subscription”. Once you do that you can very easily cancel the subscription.

·  You need to enter your password as confirmation that you want to cancel the order.

Conclusively, it should be noted that the method you apply has to do with the one you used when creating your Pandora account. You can bypass this by using the Roku method in case you are not sure where you registered from. it is to be noted that even though you cancel your Pandora premium subscription, you are still allowed to enjoy the benefits of Pandora premium until your subscription expires.
It is important to note that the steps given above have once certain criteria you need to meet for them. If you signed up for Pandora on your Android phone app, you can’t log in on the Pandora site and cancel the order. Thus, you need to remember where you created your account before simply following the steps above. As stated earlier, there are a number of ways you can cancel your premium subscription, you just have to try and see the one that would work for you.