Casting and mirroring are very popular now; everyone wants to see his media files (video, photo, music or even streams) on a big screen for better perspective and view. Although, they are not similar and work differently but, the end result is kind of similar in both the cases lets know some basics first

Screen Mirroring

Basically, screen mirroring refers to – Whatever you see on your Android phone you’ll see it on big screen.


Casting would help you do multi-tasking, and you can watch videos on TV while using your Android phone.

So, instead of watching videos on Android device you can watch video and movies on a big screen without going to cinemas.

Here’s four simple method of watching content of your Android Phone on TV.

Tools used to Mirror/ Cast your Android Phone to TV

· Screen Mirroring

· Chromecast

· Miracast Screen Sharing app

· AllCast

Screen Mirroring-Mirror your Android Phone to TV

Screen mirroring application lets you mirror your Android content to your TV wirelessly, this is a versatile app and you can mirror as well as cast. However, you’re TV or projector should support Miracast display receiver or screen sharing will not be possible. If your device does not support Miracast you may checkout other android application listed above. Follow this procedure to mirror your Android phone to TV using this app.

1. Get the Screen Mirroring application from play store.

2. Connect your Android phone and TV with same wifi network. Run the application from your phone and turn on Miracast on your television.

3. A blue start button will appear on your android phone (after launching the app) which says start screen mirroring Android to TV. After this if will automatically mirror the screen of your Andriod phone.

4. Open Netflix, or Youtube app full screen the video or movie and click Cast. It will start mirroring your phones screen.

5. Now you can exit the application

Chromecast-Mirror your Android Phone to TV

Chromecast is another way of casting/mirroring your Android phone to TV, however, your android version should be higher than 5.0. You can easily mirror and cast your Android phone without Miracast (on TV), so if your TV does not support Miracast then you can use this for casting and mirroring. Basically it’s a separate HDMI dongle which you can use by Google home application, follow this procedure – 

Open the Google home app and and press the “screen mirror” to start. Although, If you want to cast your Android device you have to open a media app first like Netflix, then click the cast icon on the top right corner of your screen and start playing the video.

MiraCast Screen Sharing app- Mirror your Android Phone to TV

Miracast Screen Sharing app is another bridge to mirror your device to your TV for Android 4.2 devices or later. Your TV should have a Miracast receiver otherwise, it won’t work. It can cast with a resolution of 1080p wirelessly. Here’s a quick guide to mirror/cast your Android to TV through MiraCast Screen Sharing app-

1. Open play store and download the app.

2. Connect both of your devices to a wifi network( wifi network must be same)

3. Open the app and click start to start mirroring.

4. Turnoff Miracast receiver and disconnect the app.

All cast- Mirror your Android Phone to TV

All cast is a built-in Android feature which enables you to cast and mirror your android screen to a TV. It supports most of the TV models, Roku boxes and Amazon Fire TV. It’s quite simple to use and you have to just connect both your device with a same wifi network. The application would search the device itself.


Screen mirroring is most versatile application here, you could easily find a bunch of third party casting and mirroring apps on play store. There are also some apps through which you can cast your Android to you PC and your PC to you TV, ApowerMirror is one of them.