Android phone has made a different taste for us. We all have been so lucky to be a part of this generation. We expect the same development in future as we are about to dependent on such an advanced technology.

When there was no android, there was no surprises in mobile phone. That time mobile was used for calls and messages only. The android versions blasted on the market and are still ruling as there are coming new features and function and mobile up gradation day by day.

We all can do a lot of things from our androids. Like we can entertain ourselves, we can educate ourselves, we can be aware of the world at any time, else we can do all things from androids.
As there are a variety of companies that manufactures mobiles. In one type of mobile, there are many models in it. In these models, there are many versions in it.

As the type or model changes, the functions, features and User interface of each mobile changes. So, some of the manufacturing companies keep some options of changing in UI of the mobile so that the user can enjoy various interfaces of that one mobile. Such changing options include theme change, icons change and font change and much more.

In stock androids, there was only option of changing theme. But as there comes development in telecommunication companies, they noticed that the user normally fed up of old things and user changed android devices very often, so the companies introduces some new changes time to time to engage the users with themselves as users are the key for the development of that companies. When you see any device, your first impression decides whether to use this or not.

The companies has got your first impression secret and that is the User Interface of the device. In this connection, the mobile companies have created the font changes options in their mobiles as it is the first thing that user see in mobile.

Font is like the first page of the book. If it is catchy, the user will continue with it. So, the mobile companies also used to set the default font so appealing but as we heard that users are normally fed up in some days from any type of devices.

In this article, we will tell you about how to change font on android? So be with us, and bear this article as it will benefit you a lot.
How To Change The Font On Android

Change font on android

The android mobiles have the option to change the font of your mobile. This option is available in all today’s mobiles but due to the variety of mobile manufacturing companies and models, there may be changes in the methods of font changing. But in most of the mobiles have the same method. We will show you the most common method of font change in this article.

Steps for change of font is very easy. Go to the settings of your android mobile. There you will see a lot of options but you have to go to the display option. When you click the display option another box will appear.

Here you will find the font style option. When you click this option, you will see a list of styles. You can check one by one as there is no need to reboot the mobile for font changing. When you click on any font and click save if needed. The font of mobile will be change at once. So you can select your choice very easily be clicking every font style.

This is the simple procedure, there is no technicalities in latest mobiles for changing font. And, if you want to change font in stock mobiles as there is no option of font change. Don’t worry, there is google play store always for you. There are a lot of apps that deal with the changing font. Go to google store and search for android font changer (it is not the app name) or something like that. You will get plenty of apps that are offering such services.

But keep in mind, you have to select the app that has better rating and you must read the users reviews before installing any app. This will help you to protect your mobile from viruses and other damages.

So after installing font changer app, you will go through it and there you will see the settings option. In settings, you will get the layout and style options. There you will get the font styles. So this is also a very easy method of font change in old versions.


Before taking action on how to change font on android? You have to see if the fonts are compatible to the device screen or not. Because some fonts are very catchy to look but it will disturb all other functions of your device.

The verdict

After studying the whole article, you can be able to change your mobile font styles. As technology has made a lot of differences, so you must get as much benefits as you can. Because in this modern age, if you are away from technology, you are away from everything even from your family and society. Look at a small example that if your family members or your friends group has an updated version of mobile and you are using a simple one. They will laugh at you as in real sense, you are not doing a wrong job but as already told to you that in this modern technology period, you have to go with these stuffs otherwise you will be lost from your own. Hence, we have got a point that if every option we get from the technology, we have to avail it as technology has made it for us to use and ease our lives.