This article will attempt to explain what Google Maps is, how it works and how we can use it in easy to follow steps. It is a guide on how to find the distance between two points on Google Maps. Google Maps is a web-based service that shows users in real time geographical locations, terrains, cities, towns, and villages right from your device. It offers all of these options by utilizing satellites to broadcast this information to our devices. We can even get street views taken from photographs. Google Maps can be used for the following tasks.
Distance Between Two Points On Google Maps
Google Maps Services

Route Planner - It helps transport workers navigate areas or places they are not familiar with. As long as you have Google maps and a good network connection, you should never get lost. Location Of Mobile Device - Our mobile devices use GPS (Global Positioning System), Google Maps can use this to track our movements.

Landmark Sites Can Be Registered - When accessing Google Maps to find any point, you will see landmark sites that are closest to the point you're looking for. This is important for tracing unknown places.

Views of Cities And Of Satellites (Moon) - People who love travel can view prospective port of travel through Google maps, even pictures of the moon can be viewed by people who love astronomy.

Now that we are conversant with Google maps, we will take a step by step guide on how to use it (turn on, search for places, look for the distance between points) on our devices. The tool that helps us look for the distance between two points on Google maps is called a "Distance Measurement Tool". You will have to enable this tool to look for the distance.
How To Look For Distance Between Two Points On Google Maps

Step 1

The first thing to do is to turn on your device and look for the Google Maps app. Make sure it is updated to the latest version so you can enjoy all the functions. Turn on your location service so as to help Google Map work seamlessly. It is important to note that this will work even if it is turned off. Google Maps lets you fiddle with measurement units. You have the capacity to change the units to whichever is preferable to you. Example, Miles to Kilometers.

Step 2

After finding your perfect measurement units, open the map and find the first point you're looking for. When you have found the first point, long-press on that point until a pin is dropped on that location. It is important to avoid double tapping as this will not let a pin be dropped in the location.

Step 3

Once you have the first location, you can tap on the location's name to reveal its page. When you do that, options will come up. Choose the option that reads "Measure Distance". Some sort of deadeye or bullseye or "X marks the spot" will be placed on the first location you have chosen.

Step 4

Drag this bullseye to the next point (the 2 points you're looking to find the distance between) and immediately you will see the distance between those two points in the measurement you chose.
You can add additional points, as much as you like. Google maps will tell you the distances between the points.

These are the easy steps to follow when looking for the distance between two points using Google maps.

Note: If after adding a point, you realize it is the wrong point and you want to remove it, it is easily done. Just tap on the undo button on your screen to remove the last point or clear all of the points to start afresh.

There are many issues to consider, especially when finding the distance between two points using Google maps. Some of those issues include

The distance measured is always in a straight line - This will only prove accurate some times if you're traveling by air and you can go straight as the crow flies. Most times you will have to navigate through road transport that will make the distance more than what was measured using Google Maps.

Measured Distances are not entirely exact and accurate - The distances measured are approximating of the actual distance. It should be taken as a range and not as an exact figure.


Google maps is a very useful tool that can help you in many areas of your life especially transportation and map reading. It is useful for hobbies such as camping, hiking, and even astronomy. It might not calculate traffic, road disturbances or other events on the road, but it gives you a pretty close estimate of measurement of the distance between two or more points.

Google maps need a strong internet connection to work perfectly and while that may weaken your device's battery, you will be safe in the knowledge that no matter where you go in the world, you can always find your way using Google Maps.