As we all know that Facebook is the largest social network that almost every age of individuals use it. There is a lot of things available on Facebook. If you want to get some enjoyment, you can use Facebook for it. If you want to learn something new, go to Facebook. If you want to see news, approach the Facebook. All types of materials are available there. Actually Facebook was launched for connecting people with one another from all over the world. But as its popularity increases, there came new options in Facebook.

Facebook is also used for promoting businesses and marketing of various products. For this, you will create a page by the name of your business or product. Then post the related information or new upcoming or anything associated to your business or product on that page. It will make some engagement on Facebook and hence your business or product will be viral in some time.

Facebook is also used for watching a variety of videos including entertainment, informative, technology and innovate etc. You can watch these videos on your timeline and also on some pages.
You can also share pictures and videos with one another on Facebook. It is very common practice and if there is something amazing to you, you can like that post, can comment on that post and also you can share it on your wall or on your Facebook friend timeline. Due to such services, Facebook has made its position on the internet and today, almost every person has an account of Facebook.


The Facebook has also introduced an app called Facebookmessenger that allows you to privately share you pictures and videos and other posts with your Facebook friend. You can talk with each other by texting and also it has the facility of audio and video call. This is very interesting app, as you can see your friend wherever he is and can talk easily with one another.

Most of the workers that are working abroad, are using this service as it has a low cost as compared to a normal calling. This app has so popular that most of the companies and organization are doing interviews and other meetings on Facebookmessenger as it has all their services. You can see someone, talk someone and also examine someone. There is a nominal charges of using this app but it is far better than normal calling from mobiles.

Facebook on android

Due to popularity of Facebook as a source of refreshment and a platform for promoting of business and also for education and information, there is a Facebook app introduced in Android and also in iPhone, windows etc. In android, you can download the Facebook app from the google store. It will take hardly five minutes to download it. You will enter all the particular in the app and then your Facebook service will be active on android.

All the options that are available in Facebook while operates on PC, is available on Facebook app on android. You can post something, upload videos, watch videos, promote your business etc. As there are types in android and all have a different versions, so there must be a little bit difference in the Facebook app. But the basic function of the all the app is equal. Some of the mobile networks a free Facebook app. If you are using the network that has a free Facebook service, you can enjoy the Facebook free of cost. You can see the post of images, videos and also texting someone or commenting on posts are free. In this article you will get some information about how to download Facebook videos on android.

Advertising on Facebook Videos

As Facebook has a service of videos and there is a large number of viewers who are watching such videos all day. So, the google and other advertising companies has approached Facebook and now Facebook videos are monetized. Monetization means, you can run google ads on your Facebook videos. (It has a separate method that how videos are monetized).

There are many users that have their personal pages and are making their own videos and making money from their videos by linking google AdSense to their account. So there is also an entertainment and also a source of making money. This service is not very common all over the world. There are a few countries where this service is available but with the passage of time, it will be available on every account everywhere.

Download Facebook videos on android

There are a lot of people who have the desire of how to download Facebook videos on android. As many of the users watch Facebook videos all the time for entertainment and as it is an online service, so it is hard to see a large number of videos directly from Facebook due to internet charges and also sometime due to non-availability of time and some other issues.

So due to such reasons, the users have a desire to download the favorite videos and then watch that videos in a comfortable mood. In PC, there are many options of downloading Facebook videos. But in android, there is still no option for downloading.

In this regard, there is an option of saving videos. If you want to save a video, just click on it. Then press the vertically three dots on the top right corner of mobile. There you will see the option of copy URL. Copy that URL and paste it in the browser, so if you have a downloader app on your android, there will come an option to paste that copied URL in that place. You will get the video downloaded on your android.

Another option you have is that, there are app in google store on your android that are specially designed for Facebook video downloading. Download that app, and you will get an option of downloading on every video while watching videos on Facebook. Just click that option and you will get the video on your android.