Lucky Patcher
Like all other google apps, Lucky patcher is also an app but its functions are so unique and due to its amazing performances, it is very popular in a short time. This app is actually a cracking tool for all the apps. Whether is premium or other apps? Lucky patcher mainly deals with the modification of apps permissions, removing of ads. It also has the ability to restoration and also make backup for the apps.

Like other general apps, lucky patcher is free downloaded app. You can download it from google play store in android mobiles. For using lucky patcher, you have to root your mobile. It will not be functional if there is no rooted device.

As lucky patcher unlock all the features of free and premium apps, but there come some issues as it is an illegal method and it is not necessary that every app is compatible to every device. So the thing is, lucky patcher is not 100% guaranteed app.

In this article, you will be informed that how you can download lucky patcher android.
How to download lucky patcher on your android
Download lucky patcher for android
In androids, there are a lot of apps that can ease your life by using them. Like all these apps, there is an app that some of the users call it king, it is lucky patcher. If you like lucky patcher and want to get some benefits from this app. You have to download it on you android.

For downloading this app, you will go to the google play store. There in search option, write lucky patcher. The app will be in front of your screen. Tap it and you will see it downloading on your mobile. It is very easy to download. For installation, follow these steps.

Installation and working of Lucky Patcher

When you download the app. Click on the app and install it. It will take a few minutes to install. After installation, open the app and you will see the list of apps that are running on your android and also other apps that are premium and purchasing apps.

From the list, select “support patch for InApp”option. After selecting there comes another box and select the first two option there. After making such operations, go to the premium app you want to install. There you will see the buy option. Click buy and then click yes and you will get the premium app free.

Main functions of Lucky Patcher

From downloading the lucky patcher on android, you will be able to do the following main functions and operations.

You can bypass all the verification codes and pins from all the premium and purchased apps. Some apps need license verification during installing. Such apps are premium apps. Lucky Patcher will remove the license verification option from these apps and you will be able to use these apps for free.

From lucky patcher, you can easily hack the code of the app and change them according to your wish. There comes the issue of compatibility which causes some faults in some androids.

Some of the users of android have a big problem with the ads that are coming on the apps during operating the apps. Lucky Patcher will help you in blocking such advertisement and you will be free of all ads onwards.

Like the license verification, Lucky patcher is also helping in purchase verification of apps. It actually bypass that option that is basically an illegal job.

Coloring code of apps by lucky patcher

There are six types of colors that will indicate you by using lucky patcher on your android, what is the effect on your already downloaded apps.

Red: Red color will tell you that this app has no option of modification. You cannot modify it anymore. Or the lucky patcher cannot enter in such apps codes for modification

Orange: Orange color will tell you that this app is the system app. It means that it is not the google play store app. It is the requirement of the system. If you do something with this app, your android will be damage.

Blue: Blue color is the most common as it is on almost every app. This is because it tells you that this app has advertisement and as most of the users irritate from ads on app so that is why this blue color is very common. The users first use lucky patcher on this color.

Purple: Purple color also indicates you that this is the system app that is used during the start of the system. It is the startup app of the system. So you have to be careful about this color. As doing a little to this color can lose your whole data and mobile.

Yellow: Yellow color will indicate you that this app has a chance to be pitched. There is a chance of hack of codes of these apps. You can do with these apps by lucky patcher as you want.
Green: Green color tells you that this app can be disconnected from the google play store. It has a very great chance to change the code of this color app.

Advantages of Lucky patcher

Though it is illegal up-to some extent but Lucky patcher has a lot of advantages.
·  You can access to all the apps whether it is free or paid or premium
· You can remove all the ads from the apps that are running during using these apps
·  You can bypass the license verification for all the premium apps
· You can remove the codes and pins of verification using lucky patcher.
·  You can change the codes of the apps
·  You can change the mode of the apps
·  It is helpful in backup of the modded apps.

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

·   It is illegal
·  As it changes the codes, so there will be a lot of issues in that apps when used
·  Lucky patcher is not 100% guaranteed app
·  Using of lucky patcher can harm your device
·  There is a loss of your data form mobile by lucky patcher