Have you ever wondered how much your android can actually do? Yes, you probably have. The fact is the android can do so much. The more you use your android and interact with other people who do too, the more you will learn. 

One of the things or features you can explore on the android device is called the Developer Options. The developer options are a set of useful tweaks and setting that if enabled gives an android user so much more advantages over the other person using the same device but has the feature turned off. By default, the Developer Options menu is hidden by the manufacturers and are kept that way until you activate it. There are a lot of advantages turning the options on gives you. As good as these are, it important to note that they can also be very dangerous. This implies that they can easily damage your android device as well as improve it. Developer Options is built specifically for an app or game developer to use to create a better experience for his or her  users, but there is no harm in using albeit if you know how to use it.
It is thus important you know what you are doing before turning the options on. Also, as state earlier, the options are turned off. Should you enable or unlock it to make it visible in the settings menu, you cannot remove it or remove yourself as a developer. The only thing you can do in such a case is to either toggle it on and off or factory reset your android device. Factory resetting your device will return it back to the way it was made when you unboxed it after purchase. Having clarified that, we will now discuss how to enable developer options on your android device so that you can use the handy helpful options Developer options provides you.

  1. How to enable developer options on your android
Turning on the Developer options is a very simple task as it does not require many steps to take when enabling it.

· Go to your phone’s settings. As can be seen in the image by the left of this write up, the settings are the original android settings of your device. Scroll down till you reach the last thing on the settings menu – “About Phone” and tap it. you would be taken to the About phone menu where there is a list of info about your phone like the Build number, kernel version, android version and a host of other info. You are concerned about the “Build number”. Depending on your Android device, the position varies but it is usually the last option.

Tap the options in quick succession five to seven (5-7) times. As soon as you see the message “You are now a developer”, you have successfully enabled it. As seen from the image, it is just above the “About Phone” option. You can now access the developer options from this location whenever you want to use it.

  1. Benefits of using developer options on your Android device
It is important to note that if you do not understand what it is you are looking at in the developer options menu, you should not tamper with it. That said here are a few things you can do after enabling the developer options for your phone.

· Fast Animations: Do you know as fast as your Android device is, it can be a lot faster? If you don’t, it can and can do much more. To do this, you need to access the Developer options menu from the settings menu. From there you are concerned with three options – Window animation scale, Animator duration scale, and transition animation scale. The key is decreasing the values of the three options as low as you can. Doing this will lead to an even faster experience when using the android device especially if it is slow on a normal day.

You should note; there are some apps and games that rely on these animations to work smoothly on your phones. Thus if you disable it by lowering the scale, these apps might become buggy.

· Improved gaming experience: There is something with immersive games that can’t be felt somewhere else. Having the developer options enabled makes gaming even better. There are tweaks in the developer options menu that allows you to dedicate more graphics and processing speed to the game you are playing. This is all packed in the “Force 4x MSAA”. By activating the option, you can make the gaming experience more immersive and fun experience.

As long as your device can handle using this feature, the possibilities are endless. In addition, using this option will definitely drain your battery, so ensure your phone can take the strain.

· Fake GPS settings: With this option turned on, you are definitely up to no good, but nobody cares as long as it is your android device. To do this simply go to the developer options menu and tap “Select mock location app”. It is very close to the bottom of the menu. It will request you to select an app that will do the job of faking your location. There are some you can download on the google play store. Once you do that, you can return to the aforementioned steps.

· USB Debugging: this is one of the options on the developer options that allows you to create a connection between your phone and computer. With this option enabled, you can now create transfer data with your computer without any problem. It also makes creating back up on the computer easy.