An internet browser extension is actually a kind of software program that's included to a web browser to increase its functions. An extension is actually a data file comprising coding that acts to increase the features. Extensions are often needed to be saved in a different extensions file so they are easy to find.
Now Google raised its limits for installing third party Chrome extensions that will help Chrome users from harmful program. According to Google, "to safeguard you when you surf, Chrome just enables you to utilize extensions which have been released on the Web Store."
 The best thing about Google Chrome is definitely the capability to expand its features with the addition of a lot of extensions to enhance overall performance, functionality, personal privacy, and as well, work productivity.
Grammarly is a Google chrome extension which makes it simple to check grammar mistakes. Additionally, there are extensions which usually capture and edit screenshots in your browser, like full screen capture extension.
How to Install Chrome Extensions:
Install official Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store and from other sources you are aware of as well as have faith. You should make sure it is secure just before installing it by using a tiny research and as well, checking the developer’s website to see positive reviews.
How you can make Sure a Chrome Extension is secure Just before Installing It:
Most of Chrome’s performance and flexibility derives from its enormous eco-system of extensions. The problem is these extensions may also steal data, watch your every single work, as well as even worse. Here is how to make sure an extension is secure just before installing it.
When you install a Chrome extension, you are generally getting into a trust-based working relationship along with the inventor of that extension. You’re enabling the extension to reside your web browser, possibly monitoring everything you could do. We are not advising that they can almost all do this—but an option is there.
To produce things even worse, sometimes trusted extensions may become compromised, modifying all of them right into harmful extensions which usually collect your data-most most likely without you even noticing what is happening.
In other scenarios, a programmer can easily develop a beneficial extension that may builds no earnings, then convert and then sell it to a different organization that covers it with advertisements and various other monitoring methods to turn some income.
In other words, there are numerous techniques web browser extensions might be harmful as well as could become risky.
There are some steps that you can use to check whether extension is secure or not.
1st;Read the Description of Developer Website
2nd; Take notice of the website Permissions
3rd;Check out the Reviews

How to Install and Use Extensions from the Chrome Web Store:
Google Chrome extensions can be installed and downloaded from Chrome Web Store and as well, from unofficial web sites that give CRX data files.

How to Install Chrome Extensions:
There are six steps to install Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store
1st Step:
 First of all you have to sign in Google account.
2nd Step:
Check out the Chrome Web Store and then look for the extension you want to install.
3rd Step:
Find the extension to spread out its Information page for additional information.
4th Step:
Choose Add to Chrome
5th Step:
A window will pop-up and prompt you with all the permissions wanted by the extension. Look at the permissions properly and as well, decide whether you wish to give this extension access, after that simply click “Add Extension”
6th Step:
The button changes to Checking and after that Added onto Chrome as soon as the installation is finished.

How to Download Chrome Extensions With Out Installing:
If you wish to download a CRX data file from the Chrome Web Store without setting up it to Chrome instantly, do the following.
There are six steps to follow
1st Step:
In the Chrome Web Store, navigate to the webpage for the extension you are looking for.
2nd Step:
Inside address bar, copy the extension's URL address.
3rd Step:
Open up the Chrome Extension Downloader inside your web browser by visiting https://chrome-extension-downloader.com/
4th Step:
Insert the URL address inside the text box and select Download extension.
5th Step:
If prompted, choose Maintain when ever Chrome makes an attempt to download the CRX file.
6th Step:
You will find the CRX data file in your Downloads directory. Open it up when you need to start installation procedure.