This article is all about getting some information about Google account manager in android. You will get information about the role of Google account manager. For every instrument or any type of tool, there is a manager to control its functions and operations. Without it, the tool will not go for a long time. As there need some modification and changes from time to time in every tool, so if the controller does not exist, you will not be able to take benefit of that particular tool over a period of time.
Google Account Manager In Android
In the world of smartphone,everyone knows that Android is widely used as an operating system. As google decide to let Android be an open source software,developers and manufacturers can easily expand and explore it easily. That is the reason we can find a lot of version being used in different smartphones released by different companies. In this context, Google launch Account manager application for smartphone users, which support all versions of Android and resultantly users can enjoy the freedom of using and downloading so many applications and games.

For using a smartphone or Android, you will need a Gmail account for your mobile so that you can avail all the benefits from the apps that are useful for android mobiles. Without this, you cannot access google play store on android.

In this age, everyone has created a Gmail account for correspondence with others through email. That email can be used for the google play store. There is no need for it anymore but just to access the apps that are very useful for mobile and for you.

The main purpose of Google account application is to manage different accounts on the smartphone. As it is known that once you add or create a Google account in your smartphone then you are able to use all the features provided by Google, even a single account is enough to avail and support many features and facilities on the smartphone.

Here we would like to mention that the Google account manager is different from Google Admin.Google Admin is created to support the paid versions of Cloud services. Once you are able to act as Admin then you can easily control and mange different user while working on the same cloud system. As Admin you have the authority to keep the system balance and avoid unforeseen situations. On the other hand, Google account manager is basically designed to provide the passage to enter email, password or mobile number into your android phone.

In some cases, a smartphone user has more than one account. For example, for business and work, he uses one account and for other private and urgent social needs, he adds another account. Now it’s become difficult to remember all the email address and passwords at the same time. Here you need an application to manage all your accounts on a single Android phone. Another crucial issue is that when you login your account from another device again for confirmation you have to enter a phone number. To overcome the above-mentioned problems Google develop this application, so one can easily manage his different accounts.

As a new user of smartphone, you have to fulfill some basic requirements such as the provision of email address, phone number, address, etc. In addition to that synchronization and verification forms which are to be filled by the users, all these are provided by the Google account manager. Sometimes you may find little bit compatibility issues with the latest version of Android and account manager. As Google launches so many versions of Android so you have checked the compatible version of account manager for your Android. Another problem faced by different users that once they lose their account then they should start from the beginning, but avoid such problems I would suggest to create a different account you have to provide the same mobile number so it would be very easy to restore all the accounts to normal condition.

How to use Google Account Manager?

First of all, you have to download the application from the play store. For installation purpose, you must have to enable unknown source on Android settings. After installation,this application will automatically adjust all the necessary settings required. This application will connect itself with Google Play services application to execute function which is needed by account access. Sometimes this application suddenly stop working, but you don’t have to worry about that, just reset your smartphone and it will start working normally.

Using Google account manager you can add different layers of security to your smartphone and at the same time, you will be able to synchronize all your personal data with email and passwords. Additionally, Google account manager is a powerful utility application to overcome device data storage and google account issues. Apart from synchronizing device data across different account it also helpful in bypassing FRP lock.

As Google account manager plays an important role in android mobiles, so there come various versions from time to time for up gradation and development in this service. Google has noticed its presence so that is why they are working on its development and modification.

It has also created this service that you can create multiple accounts on one android. If you have multiple accounts on Android, the google account manager is responsible to differentiate the activities that performed by either of the accounts. It will separate all the activities done by one account from the other one.

Google account manager will be there of resolving all your issue regarding apps or to the system of android. You can also get a manual of google account manager from the play store in which all the detail responsibilities of account managers are explained. This article is most effective for understanding the concept of Google account manager in android.