The Google Account Manager is application that was developed by Google for the Android platform to help users remove locks from their devices. In recent technology trends, smart phones are more like children to the average man and people wouldn’t leave their homes without taking their smart phones.

The services rendered over our smart phones, from scheduling a flight, to booking to making an online payment. So it is almost impossible to go a single day without using our mobile phones. Losing our phone to malware attack, unavoidable factory reset and by physical theft might sometimes be unbearable.

The Samsung Google Account manager is an alternative solution for all these.

What is Google Account Manager?

At the first touch base of this subject; one will automatically want to be inquisitive to find out more about this application. This application is one of the very few application that performs a FRP (Factory Reset Protection) bypass should in case a user forgets their log on details or credentials.

It is no news that Google powers all Android devices. Thus, Google will always ask for existing details when there is need to perform a factory reset, this security feature is known as Factory Reset Protection or an FRP lock out. Remembering your log on credentials will be great in going this task, forgetting it will further complicates issues.

But the concerns that users have when they forget their Google account password is if they will lose their information stored on their Google account forever. The answer is No, because this Google account Manager Application offers users a way to perfect to unlock their Android device.

Mobile Application requirements

Before the Google account Manager Application is installed on your Samsung Android device, it is advisable to know the basic minimum requirement of a prospective device so as not to crash its operating system or RAM (Read Access Memory).

The minimum requirements for your Samsung Android device before an attempt to install the Google account manager are as follows:

It requires a minimum space of 7.9MB.

It requires a minimum of 512MB RAM.

These minimum requirements are put in place to ensure that the APP runs smoothly and perfectly.

Google Account Manager File Information


Google LLC

Android Version
All versions

File Size

File Extension

First Uploaded
July 15, 2018

It is advisable to run your Android device on the latest version of Android so that application can run smoothly but for this application, it has a very small size hence it can run smoothly on lower versions of Android.

Features of Google Account Manager

Sincerely, there are now a lot of open source applications that can be used to perform an FRP (Factory Reset Protection) but known till this day is as user friendly and effectively improved in performance as the Google Account Manager.
Most times, these locally developed alternative applications are not reliable as they may crash due to poor debugging, poor support and other reasons, causing a user more harm than good, but with the Samsung Google Account Manager Apk that can never be the case as it takes thousands of humans to create and debug code with a robust support application.

How to download Google Account Manager on a Samsung Device

Downloading the Google Account Manager on a Samsung Device is one of the easiest devices there is, unlike a few other application, the Google account Manager has a seamless process to download without any issues. Below are the steps to take when intending to download a Google Account Manager .Apk file.

Search for Google Account Manager download on Google Play Store or any search engine, however it is advisable to download from Google Play Store.

Click on the Install button to initiate download.

Click on the allow permissions of app further to installation form any unknown source rather than Google Play Store.

On complete download prompt, proceed to open downloaded file and then click install, to install application.

As soon as app is installed, you are good to go to use your application to perform an FRP bypass.


Zero Cost: The Google Account manager is completely free to use as most premium apps will charge you for premium service to perform a FRP bypass, you would not need to face any of such stress in using the Google Account Manager app and it comes at a free cost. The application does not have any hidden charges or subscription fee from its users.

Security: The Google Account manager is absolutely secure and trustworthy; users will not have to worry about any rising security concerns at all. This app is complete trustworthy and totally eliminates any risk of data theft, loss of data or breach of information.

Compatibility: The application supports all Android devices that run on an Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher versions. Hence, the application can run smoothly and effectively on Samsung devices and many other Android based devices.

Custom requirements: This application does not need the user to have a rooted device for it to function as other open source locally developed.

Usability: This application is very user friendly, means it is very easy to use and navigate and all the commands are pretty straight forward, all the instructions are very clear to understand and follow as they are designed for a large samples of Android users.  

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You have to have the minimum Android device requirements to ensure application runs smoothly on your device, installing either ways may cause damage to your operating system and RAM.

Users have to be careful to follow the right instructions will performing a FRP bypass as Google LLC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to data or to the device.