We will be discussing and reviewing Google Duo video calls in this article. Google Duo is an app made by (Obviously) Google. It has been around for a while now but it isn't as popular as other video chat apps. You will have to convince your friends who have probably never heard of it to download it themselves if you are interested in using Google Duo to video chat with them.

We have had video chatting capabilities with us for a long while now but people still continue to struggle with the fact that with just one click of a button, you can talk face to face with people all around the globe.

Google aimed to change the face of the game with the Google Duo video chatting app. Google Duo was brought out in 2016, it was meant to be the next big thing that would be used by Android versions from 4.1 upwards. There were plans to upgrade it to Android 6.0 later on. Google Duo can also be used on Chrome Desktops and Laptops browsers.
Google Duo allows users to make really high-quality video calls while using low bandwidth networks. Phone numbers are needed to make it work, just like in popular messenger WhatsApp. As long as the people on your contact lists have the Google Duo app, then you can connect with them through video chats.

Some Special Features Of Google Duo

Knock-Knock Feature- This feature brought a little bit of excitement to the video chatting world because of its ability to provide a brief preview of video of the caller even before the call is received. This really cool feature is very useful in clearly identifying who you're going to be video chatting with.

Easily Switching Between WiFi and Cellular Data-  Google Duo's ability to maximize usage of low bandwidth networks comes to the fore here. Even when you move from high-quality WiFi to low data connections, your high-quality videos will still remain the same. This is nice if you're on the move and you're switching from connections to connections.

Audio Calls Only Allowed- Even though the description clearly states Google Duo as a video chatting app, it also allows an only audio communication gateway. This is a plus for people not too keen on seeing their faces on screens.

No Need Of Google Accounts- No google account, no problem. Google Duo will work seamlessly for you even though you don't have a google account. Phone numbers are key in the workings of this app.

Ease Of Usage From Google Communications Ecosystem- If you're used to using google apps for everything ranging from Google Messenger to Google Voice, then this app will fit right into your using abilities as a simple, yet efficient way of video chatting.

Google's intent in creating a simple and efficient video chatting app has led them to produce a high-quality app but also an app that misses a few ingredients that bulkier video chatting apps possess. Examples of these limitations are-

Limitations Of Google Duo App

Doesn't Totally Work With Bad Connections- Google's claim that it can work with really bad connections was tested and it held true but to a level. After a while, the connection began to be a little bit scratchy under severe bad connectivity.

Unpopular With Users- You will be hard pressed to find a friend that has heard about Google Duos let alone use it. It has been around for years but its market saturating energy has already faded. Not so many people use it ergo limiting its usage in your device.

Other Video Chatting Apps Provide More- Apart from a few eye-popping features, other video chatting apps provide more in terms of functionality than the simple Google Duo app.

No Way To Reject A Call With Messages- When calls come in and you want to reject them and say "I'm busy". It is impossible on the Google Duo App. You will have to reject it and then text the person. This function is available on so many other video apps, one of the reasons why it doesn't offer enough like other apps.

It Could Be Used For Fraud - As long as somebody gets hold of your number, they can call you. Many fraudsters and criminals might just be catfishing online in search of anybody who will pick up.

Google's Trend Of Chucking In Apps After A Few Years - Going through the trend, there is a noticeable increase in Google's discard of apps that aren't even 5 years old. We don't know when they will let this go so reliability isn't its strong suit especially given how poorly it is doing.


Give Google Duo a try and you will not be totally disappointed (assuming you can convince your friends to give it a try too). While it does not have popularity, its solidity cannot be questioned. It gets the job done with a few extra features to sweeten the deal. You might miss your old video chats but with Google Duo, you will get high-quality seamless video chatting and little else more.

Google Duo for desktop isn't as reliable as the app because of its limitations. They are laid bare in laptops and desktops. It shows that Google Duo is good but severely limited in functions. There are rumors of improvements that might come soon, improvements such as group calling and improved functions on laptops and desktops. These rumors, if true, could mean that Google Duo could still be very important and exciting in the world of video chatting. No need to chuck it off just yet, it just might turn out to be the stone that the builders rejected.