Google has been working broadly to change itself into an AI-first organization. They have exhibited a similar over and over, by making strides like the securing of DeepMind and the presentation of a free online course in AI and machine learning. As the organization means to democratize AI and make its instruments accessible for everybody, the dispatch of Google Machine Learning Crash Course free was an inescapable a stage towards it.

What Is The Google ML Course

The free Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) propelled by Google incorporates exercise, intuitive representations, and instructional recordings to learn and rehearse ML ideas. The course was made initially for Google representatives as a piece of two-day training camp to open them to ML ideas. The organization expresses that MLCC's prosperity among Google workers motivated them to make it accessible to everybody.

The intense training by Google includes a progression of exercises with video addresses, true contextual investigations, and hands-on training works out. It covers basics of ML, for example, misfortune and inclination drop, building arrangement models, building neural system, ML designing, and seeing every last bit of it with genuine precedents. As the site notes, it covers in excess of 40 activities and 25 exercises, over a time of 15 hours. The addresses by Google analysts, likewise incorporate short exercises on planning certifiable ML frameworks, which empower the client to gain from the mix-ups that Google specialists made. MLCC utilizes Google Cloud as its processing framework and Tensor Flow as its instructing language. Specialists over the globe are vouching for MLCC, as they trust it a wholesome and propelled program contrasted with different courses accessible online, for example, the one planned by Andrew Ng and others. 

Why Google Introduced The Course

The search engine giant said that they put stock in the capability of ML and that each specialized individual ought to learn ML basics to keep themselves refreshed. While their help for ML improvements and creating more specialists in the field may appear to be an undeniable response to why Google presented the course, an area of the network is making some other fascinating inferences: 

The Cloud War 

Google is getting into a cloud war with different suppliers, for example, Amazon and Microsoft. As the challenge gets wild, Google's Cloud group is anticipating command the cloud showcase and have the vast majority of their income produced from it. By propelling this course, too on Tensor Flow which keeps running on Google Cloud, the organization is endeavouring to pick up footing to its contributions and keep in front of its rivals. A report by Synergy Research Group proposed that while the cloud advertise keeps on developing firmly in all areas around the globe, Google still needs to make up for lost time, contrasted with the relentless development of 40 percent expansion shown by AWS. To keep up the challenge and remain on top of things, this move by Google could open MLCC students to Google's Cloud and Tensor Flow, accordingly expanding the odds of persuading them to be visit clients of their Cloud.

Remain Ahead Of The Product War

Not simply the cloud war, yet many trust that Google is losing product search war against Amazon, as individuals are currently looking through an items legitimately on internet business sites like Amazon as opposed to Google. It additionally faces rivalries from other web search tools, for example, Bing. It is additionally getting an extreme heads-on in self driving space with any semblance of Uber and Tesla jumping into the self-sufficient innovation. In the midst of the savage challenge for items that Google is putting forth, AI and ML frames a broad part, and through its course, Google is endeavouring to handle a portion of these issues, for example, get more individuals to utilize Tensor Flow, give free distributed storage, draw in people to work for the organization and surge towards cutting edge ML, with the goal that they can get a track of best personalities in the field.

Grow Google ML Developer Community

Google has prior discharged Tensor Flow as an open source Neural system library and clients have encountered how amazing it is. In spite of the fact that it could be kept running on AWS, it may not be too enhanced as it would be for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that is explicitly made for Google. Pulling in clients to utilize Google cloud would mean an expanded designer network. Since the course gives away Tensor Flow and the GPU scratch pad for nothing, it would open clients to their instruments, in this manner bringing down the obstruction to enter the field. By offering the majority of their product, for example, Tensor Flow, Kubernetes, Angular, Dart, Go, Android and so on., which required a ton of exertion to create, they need to assemble a solid client network that can take a shot at ML easily.

It's A Win-Win Situation For ML Developers

Regardless of whether went for pulling in clients for income age and winning the cloud war or building a solid designer network, it is a success win circumstance for clients no doubt. In the midst of the battle for cloud or user base, designers are getting free course and advances. Google's Machine Learning Crash Course comes at an ideal time when the fame of AI and ML is more noteworthy than any other time in recent memory. The free course could be named as a brilliant move by Google to make an imprint in the ML people group.