Google Pay is a digital payment platform that is used for making and receiving payments. The payments are done through Android devices with just one tap. It sounds similar to the other payment platforms, but believe me, it’s not. Let’s find out what is different and how to use it.

First, you can’t store money on a virtual account. You have to receive and accept the payments through your bank account. It’s like that probably because Google don’t want to handle another large amount of money. It’s a big responsibility which not that many companies can handle properly.

Now let’s learn how to actually use Google Pay
Where Can I Use Google Pay
How to setup a virtual account

Before you start, make sure that your phone number used on Google and on your bank account is the same. Otherwise you won’t be able to verify your account. You will also need to setup a UPI PIN.Let’s jump out to the setup process!
1. Download Google Pay on your smartphone

2. Add your phone number (remember, it must be the same as on your bank account)

3. Your money have to be secured, so set up a screen lock, a pin code or a fingerprint (if your phone has this as an option).

4. Don’t use the same PIN as the one of your phone or of your UPI PIN

5. Now, add your bank account. This can be done by tapping on your photo and then on Bank account

6. Finally, tap on Add bank account. A list of banks will appear where you can choose the bank you are using. If you can’t find it, then Google Pay is not working with it, at least for now.

7. If you found your bank, you should enter your UPI PIN.

But what if I don’t remember it? Well, we have instructions for that too. First, add at least 6 digits of your debit or credit card number. Also add the expiry date so Google could recognize your card (If your debit card is from Maestro, then enter 01/49 on the expiry date field).

Now you can create a new UPI PIN code. Look for the OTP in your SMS inbox. They must send it shortly after you added the required information.

That was it. If you want to make changes in the future, do it from Google Pay - Security - Change -pattern. But there are other things to learn. Let’s make or receive our first payments!

There are two payment modes
· Normal mode
· Google Pay TEZ mode

Use the second mode only if you want to pay or to be payed from a person that is nearby. Use the normal mode in every other case.

How to work with the TEZ mode

1. On the payment window, tap the white circle, which activates the TEZ mode

2. Sliding up the circle is for paying

3. Sliding down is for receiving money

4. After that, a photo of the person you are connected with will appear. Tap it to proceed the further processes

But if you can’t see the photo, do this:

·  Get back to the home screen

· Tap on “More” and choose the “Scan QR Code” option

· Ask the other person to give you his QR code so you can scan it too (This can only happen if you have your camera enabled)

Okay, you figured out the second and not so popular method. Now let’s discover the Normal mode.

Using Google Pay’s Normal mode

1. Open the app again and go to the “Payments” section

2. Then tap again on the person with whom you want to do the financial operations.

3. Then choose what you want to do (Pay or request)

4. Write down the required description and the select the payment form

5. Then, tap on “Proceed to pay”

6. And finally, enter your UPI PIN

When the payment procedure is done, you will receive a confirmation massage from Google Pay.

But you can pay not only to particular persons, but to stores too! And we will explain you how.

1. Open just your phone. You don’t need to open Google Pay

2. Hold your phone near the payment terminal for few seconds (it has to be turned on his back)

If it’s still not detecting it, hold your phone in every possible way. Most of the devices have a NFC antenna on the top of them, but it could be different with your phone.

If you still find trouble of doing that, ask the staff if they are actually accepting mobile payments.

If yes, then the problem may be from your device or from your debit card. First contact your bank and ask them if your card is working properly. If yes, then you already know what the problem is.

3. Finally, the instructions should appear on your screen. Simply follow them and make the payment. There are still some stores that ask for a PIN or even a signature. That’s because they haven’t got a newer software.

If you prefer to pay with PayPal, you can link your account with Google Pay. It can be done in few simple steps.

· Find the “Add payment button” when proceeding to checkout or in the settings

·  Then add the PayPal option and fill in the blank fields with the information of your account

Now you can pay simply using your PayPal. Many people prefer this method because of the money they receive in PayPal. Some people have more money there than on their bank accounts.

Google provides the world with a variety of quality and sustainable products and services. It’s awesome how they succeed in performing in many different fields and industries. They have the best search engine, the best clouding service, the best e-mail provider, etc. They are an epitome of a large multifunctional business with a lot more to show.

Imagine what are Google planning to do for the following months and years. We can only make suggestions. We hope you found this short guide informative and usable in the everyday life. See you on the next article!