Out of no where my phone thinks I have headphones plugged in and this is something really irritating. I can’t listen music and YouTube videos with my headphone. That’s creepy. Isn’t it? Time comes when you don’t carry headphones with you and imagine you can’t attend calls and listen to your favorite songs while travelling your college or favourite place just because your phone thinks you have headphones plugged in.

Why phone stuck?

Your phone can stick on headphone mode due to number of reasons. Let’s so through it.

·   Unplugging Headphone before pausing.

Your phone thinks that you have headphones plugged in because you would have dealt in a wrong manner. It’s always suggested to pause your video or music or your FM radio before unplugging your headphones to avoid such unpleasant issues. If you had not paused your music your phone think that it was just a jerk and your headphone is still connected while it’s not and hurrah you are here with a great issue.

·  Water Splash

It is possible that you got up to wash your hands after a pizza party and accidentally splashed some tiny droplets into your headphone jacket, which makes it feel as you are plugged in with the headphone.

·  Water Damage

Ever made plans to visit beach with your friends and family and forgot to put your phone back in your car? Yeah mistakes do happen but don’t blame those mistakes for this headphone issue because I was you who took your phone to the beach.

·   Unplugging in Harsh Way

Yeah it happens when you are effed up with something or you fought with someone on the call and through your phone to the bed or table without thinking that you have headphones in your ear and congratulations that got pulled and here you are with the greatest issue of all time.

How to Recover Headphone Jack Issue?

Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are number of ways and solutions you can try to get the things filled.

·  Android Application

There is an Android application on your Google play Store named HF Button Widget. You can download this app from the play store and you can do a lot of great stuff with it. It works with Android 4.4.4 Kitkat and beyond on all the latest versions. You just need to make a shortcut of this app from your settings on your homepage screen and you can go with it quite easily. You just need to tap this button to get the work done.

·  Take a look inside

You should take a lock inside your phone headphone jack to see if there is something n the jack which is casing the issue or you have something else in your jack. If you saw some piece of paper or something else like this you can go with it and just remove it and probably your jack will work perfectly now.

·  Use Cotton Bud

Using cotton bud in the headphone jack isn’t the bad idea as you can remove the duct in this manner. This is possible that you might have some tiny dust particles placed inside your headphone jack and removing them will help you to make your headphone jack work. The easiest way would be to blow air in your headphone’s jack to make it clean and dust free.

·  Use Paper Clip

You can use paper clip to remove something if found inside your phone’s jack but you need to be extremely careful as this can damage your phone’s headphone jack completely. There were some cases in which people used something sharp to deal with it and they ended up destroying their phone’s jack. Boom!

·  Reinserting Headphone

You can reinsert your headphone into the jack to check it out or you can also try different headphones into your jack. Try your friend’s headphone maybe it works fine with your phone’s jack.

·  Restarting Phone

You should restart or reboot your phone once after trying all above things maybe it helps you out to solve the issue so once its done you can try your phone’s jack by inserting headphone and playing something. It’ll work for you in some cases.

·  Factory Rest

You can reset your phone to complete factory settings so it’ll remove any issue on the software or the phone but before updating It is highly recommended to make back up of your important data because once you have factory reset your phone, you will loose your whole data on the phone’s memory so either make a back up of it on your memory card or make a backup on you laptop or use any cloud server.

·  Removing Battery

You can remove your battery from your phone and give it some rest if none of the above method worked for you. I’ll recommend taking your phone battery off for some time to give it a rest and after a while place your battery in your phone any give it a look. It is possible that it’ll work for you in a magnificent way.

·  Use Vacuum

You can create vacuum inside the jack using vacuum cleaner or creating vacuum in it using something else so it can suck out anything stuck in the jack which will make your phone works perfectly.

Visit Service Center

If none of the above ways worked for you then sadly you are not an engineer and you need to bring this freaky phone to your phone’s service center and you can face two situations there. If your phone is in warranty then why do you even worry? You will get your worked done pretty soon and without any cost because this is something what big companies do to protect their customer’s trust and if your phone is not in warranty or you have lost the warranty card then you need to pay some little amount to get the stuff done but that amount is nothing in front of the issue. That’s just 1 or 2$.