Amazon has always been characterized by being a responsible company with its customers and suppliers, so it is placed in one of the best positions worldwide, in the electronic commerce sector. They always have the best products, with very competitive prices and with a guarantee of prompt delivery, and a reliable return in case your products do not meet your expectations.
How to return an Amazon Gift
Since the most important thing is that you get a good image of Amazon even if you do not end up spending your money there, maybe sooner or later you need to buy something through this means, besides the grudge towards a company is the worst thing that can happen to you, it triggers bad comments, criticism and possible mistrust of the rest of the people in the brand, so the multinational company of Jeff Bezos does not risk this event, and always offer optimal and very simple conditions to returning any product that has not met your needs.

If you received a product, and it is not what you expected, or maybe you ordered something by accident on Amazon, and you want to return it, you arrived at the indicated place, here we will explain: How to return this product and receive a refund of your money or a change of it .
Step by step to return a product on Amazon

If you realized that what has just arrived at your home was not what you were thinking would come, do not worry, the e-Commerce platform which is the  most demanded in the world, has a very efficient return service, so that, depending on the seller and the options of guarantee, you can recover the totality of your investment or a part of the money that you paid.

To be able to return any product in Amazon, you must consider that the return period in this company is 30 days, from its reception, so that you will not be able to apply if it has passed more than this time.

Remember that it is very important that you are totally convinced that the product is not what you needed, value what you really expected to have  and if you really do not want it anymore,  and you are convinced that it is something you do not want and will not serve for the intended purpose , it's time to start the return process.

To start the process, you must open your browser, enter the Amazon website. Then you have to access with your account and password to the platform, and you must go to the section that says My orders. It is in this part where you will find the order in which the article you want to return is located; they will be organized chronologically so it will not be difficult to locate it, once selected click on where it says Return or replace products, which will take you to another window.

In the next window, select in the drop-down icon, the reason that led you to want to return the article, write a comment in the text area. This is optional, but relevant in many cases to be more specific in the failure of the product, then click on where it says Continue.

Depends on what is the reason for your return previously selected, on the next screen you can claim a change in the item, whether size, color, or function, what you have to do is send the product again, and after a short time you will be informed , you will receive the new product, waiting for your total satisfaction, otherwise you can return to make the change or return, do not be afraid to lose the opportunity to claim what belongs to you by right.

Amazon's obligation is to send you what you are buying, any error in this aspect, it is up to the company, and it exempts you from responsibilities, so do not worry you can return any product as many times as necessary until your satisfaction is complete. If you no longer want to purchase about the said article, which has arrived, or you simply regret buying it, you can also claim the full refund of your money. Select the option you need and click on Continue.

You must bear in mind that in the event that the item has not been sold by Amazon, but that you purchased it from a different store and sent by Amazon, it is possible that your refund request has to be approved by the seller, so the process does not rest with Amazon and only has to wait for approval to get your refund or re-submission.

How to return an Amazon gift

For those who desire to know how to return an Amazon gift, the first thing is to access the Online Returns Center on the Amazon website and click on the Return a gift option. It is necessary that the person who has given you the gift will provide you with the order number, consisting of 17 digits. For example: 123-1234567-1234567 (with the dashes). It is located on the left side of the receipt, but if you cannot see it, it is also possible to contact Amazon to guide you through the steps on how to return an Amazon gift.

Once entered in the corresponding field, click on Continue. Then you have to select the products and the quantity, as well as the reason and the method of return that you prefer. By proceeding with this, a return label is generated to print. In case you do not have a printer, it is possible to do it later through a link that is sent to the email.

After that, just enter the return authorization in the package and paste the shipping label on the outside. It is preferable to use the box or the manufacturer's packaging, in case you keep it. If the return criteria are met, Amazon issues a gift voucher to the account.