Google has Become one of the world’s leading and favourite cloud-based storage solutions as it offers so much flexibility to the free open market with a robust storage space that happens to be free. There are two (2) basic ways of importing contacts from Google; this data is stored with cloud storage based technology. These ways are as follows:
Importing Contacts From Google

1. Import Contacts via CSV

When importing a CSV file, the user has total control over the import fields, the data to be retrieved is one that previously been exported to the cloud.

The import process using CSV is known to be fast as it is faster than importing directly, this method helps a user map data to chosen fields, including customised fields, you have set up initially.

2. Import Directly from Google

This process might be a little slower than the method above; a user can import data directly from Google cloud. This process, most times, aims at introducing contact’s names, phone numbers, email address and residential addresses.

Note: Other contact details are not imported in this process.

Step by Step Process

In other to perform an import operation directly from Google here are a few steps to follow:

·  Tap on the Contacts button on the left side of your navigation bar

·  Click on Import Contacts on the right sidebar.

· Click on Setup Google Integration to get connected to your Google account already.

· Confirm Google login credentials and Click on the Allow button.

· Click on Import your Contacts from Gmail and wait for your Google contact list to show correctly, this process could take a couple of minutes that varies depending on the number of contacts that has been exported to the Google cloud and the nature of traffic on the Google cloud servers at that particular time of access.

· Click on the checkboxes to the left of the names and other contact details that you will love to have imported.

· Click Import Selected Contacts, this will imported only selected contacts.

Note: On completion of the process, a prompt will appear, saying that your import has been completed.

Importing Contacts to Android Device

The process of importing contacts to a system is not quite similar to that of an Android device. The following are the steps taken:

· Open the settings menu on your Android device

· Tap on the Accounts tab

· Tap on the Google tab (You will need to add a Google account to your device)

· Turn on contacts (This will enable your Google contacts and email address to be added to your android devices)

Importing Contacts to iOS Device

With the advent of the iCloud, most users have broken off connections with the Google cloud platforms; there is a certain stronger bond to apple as it safer because of its resistant to virus attack. The following are the steps to take to import contacts to your iOS device.

· Go the settings menu on your device and select Passwords & Accounts

· Select Add Account

· Click on the Google tab to create a new Google account or simply sign in if you have a Google account already.

· Click Next to proceed

· You will be then asked to authorize iOS to enable access to your Google cloud account

· Click on the Accept button

· Check all the information you would want to have imported to your iOS device

· Click on the save icon and all the selected information will be imported to your iPhone.

Note: If you have other Google accounts or iCloud accounts, you might see multiple contacts and email addresses.

Importing Contacts on Windows Phone

Google uses a Technology called CardDav to make this possible; it is a protocol that is used for sharing contact and information between two or more sources. On setting up a Google account synchronization will not be real time as it has several minutes delay but you end up getting the information you need, this is really a challenge to many windows users.

Having a windows phone can be interesting and fun as it bears so many features similar to everyday computing. Here are the steps to import your contacts from your Google account to your windows phone but users with older accounts might find it Difficult, so it is advisable to set up a new account. The steps taken are as follows:

· Swipe your phone left from your home screen

· Navigate to settings and Click the icon

· Select windows account

· Choose Google account that carries the contacts you want to be imported

· Select Manage

· Select Change Mailbox Sync Settings, this is located just above the Delete Account tab

· Navigate down the page and ensure that all contacts are selected

· Tab Save and Import

Benefits of Having Your Contacts Sync to Your Google Account

One would never have to worry anymore about losing a contact if your contacts are in sync with your Google account as this will help in case you will need to reset your device, sell off your device or lose your device.

Additional Tips When Using Your Google Account

Google cloud platform is one of the most reliable platforms for saving and management of data for the 21st century. Here are a few tips that you will need to know.

· Google contacts can be visible to other products and it also has an auto-complete feature that makes it easier to navigate when using other Google products like Gmail, Google Drive and many more products from Google.

· Google contacts have any organising the feature that makes it possible to group contacts in various collections like Friends, Family, Colleagues and probably name any custom name as it best suits you.

· There might exist multiple contacts as Google contacts differentiate from Google Circle, this happens because Google ties account to an email address instead of individuals, these can be manually merged to prevent conflicting connections.

· Google Contacts and other Google App contacts like Google Circle have a joint limit of 25, 000 which is seen as very robust and generous.

· Google Contacts has a smart integration with Google maps and Google Calendar hence can keep track of your friends location and favourite events that have been manually saved and synced with your Google account