Sometimes it’s difficult to remember your phone number, and it’s always been a bother for us to remember these digits and dictate it to our friends. But there is one simple way of doing this on your android phone, just have to dig into your android phone settings.

One of the quickest ways it’s to ring someone’s phone that you can access, it would display your number as an incoming call. Sending a message to a friend via that number would also work well, and you can easily find your number in messages. Let’s suppose you don’t want to disturb others or you are all alone having a single android phone and want to know your number for that condition follow the given steps.


1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Search for settings in your device, it would appear like a gear for stock android devices or a wrench for other UI which are layered over android for better user experience (sometimes you may find About Phone inside the System option).

2. Go to About Phone.

Scroll down and you’ll find About Phone at the bottom of your settings, Tap About Phone.

3. Tap status.

You may see some words under Status option (Phone number, Signal, etc)

4. Tap SIM Status

You’ll find SIM Status below battery level, after taping on SIM Status; a phone number would appear under My Phone Number with some more SIM and network provider details.

  If ‘My Phone Number’ says “unknown,” you may find your number from your contacts saved as My Number or Me which is connected to this android phone. Sometimes there may be some error with your account or you have not inserted SIM car properly, try re-seating the SIM card. If the problem sustains, contact your network provider.

 You may also dial 1-800-444-4444 and get your number associated to your android phone.