Technology is indeed a very powerful driving force of this era. The rate at which new progress and development are being made is astronomical. It is a well-known fact that technology keeps outdoing itself with every new device, gadget or accessory that is released into the market. One of these new things is the introduction of Smartwatches.

Smart watches are mini computers that are designed to be worn around the wrist as watches with a touch screen display where its other functions can be accessed and used. Simply put, they are regular tech gadgets that give you value for your money; they combine the functions of traditional watches with smartphone features. They serve as pioneers or pointers of what is to be expected in a modern era.

Since the development of these smart watches, manufacturers have engaged in a tug of war on producing the best smartwatches that can serve as many functions as possible. Apple devices are best known for their impressive and interactive interface, the company is one of the few companies whose efforts in making tech gadgets can be appreciated; they have been able to develop a brand that is synonymous with quality. Smart watches from this company are called Apple Watch. Smart watches can be very confusing to use but apple watch makes it easier to conform to the use of smartwatch. 

Apple watch can be used for a surprisingly large variety of task including syncing you’re your iPhone and accessing the internet! I mean you can use it to stream anything from anywhere. The implication of this is that you can even listen to amazon music on apple watch; this is very something that is not possible on android smart watches. Therefore I would be discussing the advantages of using not just a smartwatch but an Apple Watch.

  1. Voice interaction
Almost every gadget that comes from the Apple Company has a voice recognition system that allows you to interact with the gadget using only your voice. The voice system is called SIRI. Siri is a program that helps you assess your gadget if you decide you do not want to do it by physically interacting with the device. You can ask Siri to do almost anything on the device – play music, search for a song, do mathematical problems, etc. The Apple watch is no exception, it comes with voice interaction Siri and can assist you in using the smartwatch.

  1. Calls and notification
As soon as you buy an Apple watch or a smartwatch in general, the first thing to do is sync it with your iPhone or smartphone as the case may be. After doing this, you can then receive notifications that come on your phone device on your wrist be it text messages, missed call alerts, social media messages, etc.

Apple watch also comes with voice call features. You can make or answer calls on your Apple watch as long as you have synced your iPhone with it. This can be very helpful if you are driving and cannot reach your phone.

  1. Navigation
Modern technology brought with it the ability to map out real live places and calculate routes to get to them. It also made it possible for a stranger to travel to a place without the fear of getting lost all thanks to the discovery of Map and GPRS location settings. Apple watch comes pre-installed with an app called Apple Maps that can show you where and when you need to make a turn or stop the journey without having to check your smartphone for directions. The even impressive part is you do not have to keep a constant look on the screen of the watch; Apple watch has the ability to dictate what and where you need to do something using vibrations.

  1. Health and Fitness
Knowing how fit you are have never been easier with smart watches. Apple watch is no exception as it comes equipped with sensors that can track and determine your heart rate. The apple watch then syncs with your phone to save the data to keep you informed. These sensors also keep track of your fitness activities. It stores data about how much you exercise and how to fit you are on your iPhone and can also be assessed when you feel like. It also comes with a means of sharing your heart rate. Apple watch allows you to share your heartbeat with families, friends or partners.

  1. Listen to or stream music
Music can control the mood of an individual, it has the power to relax, calm or get an individual excited. It has become an important part of human lives and it is not surprising to see that the Apple watch fully acknowledge this.

Most smartwatches give you the ability to listen to music that is stored on the memory card chip or the internal memory of the watch or on the smartphone it is in sync with. Apple watch is no different. Some Smart watches makes it possible to stream music online from the Google play store, Spotify, etc.; Apple watch also matches this by coming with a feature called Apple music that allows the user to stream music albeit after making a subscription. One huge difference is you can listen to amazon music on apple watch something that is not possible on other brands.

Having a smartwatch is great but using an Apple Watch is indeed worth the money (they can be pretty expensive, I know!) Using a smartwatch gives you more control over your smartphone without necessarily stressing yourself to get to it. Apple watch helps you eliminates the need waste money buying some other tech gadgets as it can perform the same function they can, for instance, it makes it possible to detect a spike in your heartbeat which is also the same thing fitness tracker like Fitbit does.