Google Voice is similar to Viber, an internet phone service. It’s one of Google’s masterpieces. It lets you do many more things than doing calls. Let’s explore this application in more details.

 Free Calls

 There are three types of calls you can make:

1.  Phone to phone
2.  PC to phone
3.  PC to PC

As usual, the most used option is “Phone to Phone”. You can directly link your phone to Google Voice. This lets you call whoever you want from your phone contacts. Now let’s find out how to sign up and use this application.
How to Sign Up

The only way to sign up is to use your existing Google account. If you don’t have a profile, visit in order to create one. After you finish the registration process, go to the Google Voice Settings. Look at the top of the page. Inside the “Phone number” tab you can find a “Choose” button which you should click.

After that, a “Choose a Google Voice Number” tab should appear. There you can find phone numbers based on a location (for instance “Buffalo, NY”). When you type the location, you will see all the numbers with the area codes of the selected location. Then select the right number for you.

Finally, follow the steps of linking your phone number with your Google account, which is connected directly to Google Voice. Now you are ready to make your free calls. Simple as that!

Step-by-Step guide for using Google Voice

1. In order to make your first call, enter Google Voice and tap on the “Make a call” button.

2. In the call section enter the name or the phone number of the contact you want to reach out.

   There is no third step. Now you know how to use Google Voice. Congratulations!

How to make PC to phone calls

You have probably heard about Google Hangouts. This is a plugin that you have to install on your computer. It’s similar to Skype and you can chat and make video calls for free! You can find it in your Gmail. Click on the Hangouts area located on the bottom left of the page.

But as every good thing in this world, Google Voice has also some limitations. The free calls can be made only within United States and Canada. If you are outside these two countries, you will be taxed with a small fee, which is usually 1 cent per minute. An interesting fact is that you can call someone in Antarctica for 2$ per minute, which is quite inexpensive when you think about it.

Another thing is that you can’t communicate through voice or video for more than 3 hours. However, you can call the same number as much as you want. Only the Google Hangouts doesn’t have any restrictions. But what makes Google Voice so different? Let’s check out all its positives.

1. You can stay anonymous if you want to

Imagine you want to make a one-time purchase of a furniture or something like that. But the seller seems strange and you just don’t want expose your real number to him. Here Google Voice comes to use. Even if you forgot to hide your number and somebody calls you again and again, you can block his number.

This option is perfect for people who want to separate their work and private life by having different phone numbers (a real and a hidden one).

2. Screen calls

There is an option that you can find in the settings called Screen calls. When you turn in on, the names of the unknown people that call you will be visible. When you click on the caller, you will be able to hear his calls without him knowing about it. And you have to choose whether to answer or notYou can answer with a voicemail too. This option can be turned on and of anytime.

3. Multiple forward calls

This awesome feature lets you to link as many phone numbers as you have.For example, your normal, number, your business number and your kid’s number. And when somebody calls you, all the connected phones will ring at the same time (only if the call is from another Google Voice user).

And if your main phone is not in the room you currently are, you still can hear the ringing of the other devices.  The same thing works for text massages. You can receive the messages by e-mail if you prefer.

There is another option called “do-not-disturb”. When turned on, you stop receiving direct calls. Everything is being sent to your voicemail.

Google Voice has another key feature. Even if you change your main phone number, it gets synchronized with Google Voice and you don’t have to add the new number manually.

4. Voicemail text transcription

Sometimes you receive a voicemail that looks important but you are not able to hear it. So, Google Voice transcribes it into a text so you can understand what’s going on. Some words may be misspelled but you can clearly read the text, unless the caller was in a noisy atmosphere. Whispers are also hard to be transcribed, so keep that in mind.

You can add the voicemail in your archive if the transcription was not helpful or you just want to save it. You even can download it as an audio file. Google are working on transcription for the other popular languages like Spanish.

Google Voice is a perfect alternative to Viber, Messenger and WhatsApp. It’s totally comparable to these big apps. The difference between Google Voice and others is that it’s designed for businesses and professionals. It has everything that a businessman would ever need.

It also has unique options that can’t be found in other apps. Google has created its consecutive great product which is still improving. If they play their turns right, this app may outrank most of its competitors. It needs a bit more improvements so people could prefer to use it on a daily basis.

That was our short, but comprehensive introduction to Google Voice. Feel free to message us if you have questions about Google Voice. We’ll be more than happy to answer! Stay social!